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Remember these tips before using your credit card #jakpost 

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"It's not if we are going to impeach this President, it's when." Rep. Ilhan Omar defended her calls to impeach President Trump despite the most recent polling showing that six in 10 Americans do not feel the President should be impeached.

#AmericaFirst @MZHemingway  : The politics of personal destruction without evidence, like we’ve seen against Kavanaugh, has to stop. The Senators & media need to be held accountable for lies they spread about him #MAGA  #Dobbs 

Tonight we hosted the @NASDAQ  Exchange at the Governor’s Mansion. They provide access to funding that empower the leaders, entrepreneurs, & innovators who make Texas so great. Our incredible employers—& their employees—have made TX has the 10th largest economy in the world.

Over 130 cats and dogs have been sent over from the Bahamas to South Florida to find their forever homes.

Sen. Harris calls for an "outside counsel" to review the evidence against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, determine the credibility of the witnesses, and provide Congress with the information necessary to decide how to proceed.

Periodic update from a man who'll vote for whomever is the Dem nominee: I started out favoring @KamalaHarris  & @elizabethforma . I've watched every minute of every debate, most TV interviews & read voraciously about all the candidates. My top two @elizabethfor @KamalaHarrismare now and .

I was a Hillary supporter from way back. But have to tell you, when Obama made the speech the night he won I got very choked up. Same on his Inauguration Day. Haven't felt that way until listening to @elizabethforma  recently. The possibility of her being president moves me. It's time.

Trump’s acting intelligence chief told to turn over whistleblower complaint or face public questioning by Congress