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Playfest 2019 returns with more diverse experiences #jakpost 

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86 tigers rescued from a Thailand temple where they were used as tourist attractions died from disease. Officials blame inbreeding for their weakened immune systems. Groups say the temple was a "tiger farm" where tigers are bred for illegal trafficking and body parts.

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Rip currents, an effect of #Humberto , will be a major threat for the entire East Coast.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh on Tuesday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to prove that he was sincere about protecting the environment by stopping the proposed Metro 3 car shed in the forested Aarey Colony

This #ConstitutionDay , we thank all the members of our #JointForce  team across the @DeptofDefense  who swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. #KnowYourMil  @USArmy  @USNavy  @USMC  @usairforce  @USNationalGuard  @USCG 

Got the news about Cokie just before we had our editorial meeting. She would appreciate that we...had our editorial meeting. I had quoted her just this morning to our daughters (on school uniforms, not politics). The biggest compliment ever paid me was, "You work with Cokie?"

#UPDATE  The United States has concluded that the weekend attack on Saudi oil facilities was launched from Iranian soil and cruise missiles were involved, a US official told AFP

@C Lewandowski_ Nice try, Lewandowski! The Mueller Report confirmed many instances of obstruction—charges which can’t be brought against a sitting POTUS. Can Trump be charged when he leaves office? “YES!” #Lewindumbski 

House GOP loses yet another incumbent as California’s Paul Cook announces retirement