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  3. pat oliphant cartoon from 1968. the more things change...
Pat Oliphant cartoon from 1968. The more things change...
Pat Oliphant cartoon from 1968. The more things change...


About one-third of Dems' projected gains, in fact, come from the "long tail" of seats rated as Lean R, Likely R or Solid R. Without the Dems' having the possibility to win those seats, the House would be more or less a toss-up right now.
.@DanielAndrewsMP says more public housing could be built if there was input from Commonwealth, like has happened in the past. #springst @774melbourne
As we look at ways to combat the opioid crisis, it’s vital that we promote innovative, long-term solutions, such as developing non-addictive painkillers. Here’s more from my roundtable with @TrumanMedKC
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We’ll be showing that Harry Wilson free kick from as many angles as we can find on our show tonight. Gets better and better the more you see it. The lad can hit a ball. Highlight show coming up on @BBCOne Wales #IREWAL #bbcfootball
As the first step in producing OGP’s first-ever flagship publication on the state of #OpenGov, we have been busy hearing from people in the community. Here's what we heard from you! You can also send your feedback via different channels. Learn more here: https://t.co/vVv2ltPqG8
Coming up on AM: @MarisePayne on the idea of moving Australia's embassy in Israel, the NZ offer to take ppl from Nauru and how often do Coalition Senators vote for things they don't understand or know about it?
Snyder vetoes bills that would have exempted additional aircraft parts in Michigan from taxation. Tax breaks would have been worth $4M a year. Says signing them would have been a 'change in course from the fiscally responsible principles" adopted under his watch #MiLeg
Reason #17 why you should vote: so violence against women and children is taken more seriously everywhere — from the courts to Congress.
Can Democrats win over working-class voters by addressing the same economic angst that propelled the president in 2016?

More from House races reporter @allymutnick: https://t.co/YbMSIC4weE
Don't forget to join us for our Q&A session with tom@mumpreneurscluborrow at 8pm when we'll be chatting about turning your hobby into a business, time management, making your business stand out from the crowd and more #BSHelpline
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