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  3. pat oliphant cartoon from 1968. the more things change...
Pat Oliphant cartoon from 1968. The more things change...
Pat Oliphant cartoon from 1968. The more things change...


.@PPAWI has filed a federal lawsuit seeking repeal of state laws that make it more difficult for women, particularly in rural areas, to receive abortions.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court in Madison targets three laws enacted by Republicans

No word yet from @WisDOJ
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#EU's response to #WesternBalkans #protests is weak, but expected. If the region has learned anything from #Macedonian ‘secret tapes’ case, it is that a progress is possible, but the drive for change must come from within the Balkans itself. @Alidav978 https://t.co/igIFptUMNQ
The Nat'l Climate Assessment, a dire warning from 13 federal agencies that we must take immediate action to fight climate change, was released in November.

Andrew Wheeler says he hasn’t fully reviewed it.

That’s unacceptable & disqualifying for someone who wants to run the EPA.
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After having a wealth of gubernatorial pickup opportunities in 2018, Democrats will need to wade deep into Trump territory to protect and flip seats over the next two years.

More from @madelainepisani ($): https://t.co/h4eR0vrWUr
Trump's net approval rating has now declined from -10.5 to -14.5 over the course of the shutdown. It's not an enormous shift but it's starting to add up: a bit more than a point of net approval lost per week. https://t.co/j7XEedEnAf
"Property tax relief is the number one priority Nebraskans want as I travel the state," Ricketts said.

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Lots of chatter on and off Capitol Hill following Barr’s testimony yesterday about whether we will all see the Mueller report. My PSA story from last fall still stands as an explainer of where things stand. https://t.co/ClGlSPD0ZV @politico
According to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, a majority of voters oppose President Trump declaring a national emergency to fund construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Read more of the results from the latest poll here: https://t.co/Z1tLGHkist
"If it doesn’t require a state tax increase, Gov. Pete Ricketts said... he’s open to redirecting some state school aid to smaller K-12 districts as North Platte Sen. Mike Groene is expected to formally propose soon."

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Nancy Pelosi exacted revenge against one of her most outspoken detractors Tuesday night, blocking Rep. Kathleen Rice from landing a seat on the high-profile House Judiciary Committee. Read more from @heatherscope @rachaelmbade and @BresPolitico here: https://t.co/UUG5gFaduj
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