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CNN Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent. Dissecting my tweets with Talmudic meticulousness will result in wrong conclusions. RTs do not = endorsement.

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Scientist: latest news from arctic is ‘canary in a coal mine’ https://t.co/gcK30zdwrG @Rene_MarshCNN reports @TheLeadCNN
Source: accused Russian spy cooperating with feds https://t.co/tFoRbzux4U @SaraMurray reports @TheLeadCNN
At least 2 killed, several injured at Christmas market attack https://t.co/j3CVYkVIkt Ben Wedeman reports @TheLeadCNN
Hatch 1999 versus Hatch 2018 on presidents breaking the law https://t.co/Aoj5KL1l67 @SymoneDSanders @BillKristol @amandacarpenter @angela_rye discuss @TheLeadCNN
Judge asks Mueller's team for more on alleged Manafort lies https://t.co/yZEkAhuHxD @evanperez reports @TheLeadCNN
Trump may want chief of staff with impeachment experience https://t.co/O7iISWdmDM @SymoneDSanders @BillKristol @amandacarpenter @angela_rye discuss @TheLeadCNN
GOP Panelist: ‘ridiculous’ Oval Office meeting is ‘bad for country’ https://t.co/bCGRMseP9M @SymoneDSanders @BillKristol @amandacarpenter @angela_rye discuss @TheLeadCNN
Trump: I'd be ‘proud’ to shut down government over wall funding https://t.co/0pvTPOBAIL @kaitlancollins reports @TheLeadCNN
Check out these 10 ways to give to injured Veterans this holiday giving season:

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