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CNN Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent. Dissecting my tweets with Talmudic meticulousness will result in wrong conclusions. RTs do not = endorsement.

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@dmataconis @EdMorrissey @JazzShaw I need to know what he’s comparing it with — worse than It’s Arbor Day, Charlie Brown? It’s Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown?
“Since the attack, my husband Rand Paul hasn't taken a single breath without pain,” by Kelley Paul, wife of @RandPaul https://t.co/X292JyEc3p
Potentially — but it’s also possible there were legal and constitutional problems with the NDAs to begin with —
@ClintHill_SS thinking about you today, Clint, and grateful that this nation has selfless men and women like you serving her
ABC News: November 22, 1963 - The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy https://t.co/baPz55n6v6 via @YouTube
Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri puts resignation on hold
Trump calls LaVar Ball an 'ungrateful fool' @CNNPolitics https://t.co/3GaNgNaZs2
RIP David Cassidy https://t.co/yTrMEbGGjq via @YouTube
Sen. Murkowski supports individual mandate repeal https://t.co/4xHgMikX1z
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