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CNN Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent. Dissecting my tweets with Talmudic meticulousness will result in wrong conclusions. RTs do not = endorsement.

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Nice remembrance from @bill shore from 2006: The Flags of Our Sons via @NYTimes https://t.co/gqNu1OGxEV
Wreath laying at @wimsatweets by my daughter’s @girlscouts troop this morning

2LT Frank Luke Jr, KIA near Murvaux, France, 29 September 1918. Considered the most spectacular air fighter of World War I.
(Also no relation, but when a hero from across the river is KIA and he has the same last name, you remember it.)
“Mate 1st Class Petty Officer (SEAL) David M. Tapper, 32, from Camden County, N. J., was fatally wounded Wednesday, August 20, 2003, after his convoy made contact with enemy forces in the vicinity of Orgun, in Paktika Province, Afghanistan.”

(I might note: no relation. But I remember the name from my very first visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.)
Petty Officer First Class Freddie Leslie Tapper, 29, killed September 29, l970,
Khanh Hoa, Vietnam.

Private Dan Bullock, 15, KIA Quang Nam, Vietnam on June 7, 1969. Lied about his age to get into the Marines to serve his country. #MemorialDayWeekend
PFC Richard "Alphabet" Kowalewski, KIA Oct 3, 1993, in Somalia. #MemorialDayWeekend
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