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writer of things, mostly for New York Magazine / http://nymag.com / http://vulture.com. IG: @alphajada

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My restaurant’s reading library had a 1974 Playboy. Ads include scotch, whiskey, cigarettes, golf, plaid golf slacks, Jaguar cars, rum, cologne, cigarettes, cars, soap-on-a-rope, cigarettes. Repeat!
@FereshtaKazemi Oh that was in Namibia, not on my trip, thank goodness. Though Zambia has big game sport hunting as well. I think it's a really complicated issue. Even conservationists told me that the money hunting brings in helps elephants in the end.
Also learned this, and it made my stomach drop, but unfortunately when elephant populations get out of control, the solution to avoiding the grief factor is to cull the entire herd.
Just an afternoon drive in @AkageraPark outside #kigali. I was annoyed I didn’t have a camera with a lens that could get closer to the animals, but now I kind of like getting to show them as they were, blending in like slow moving high grass through the … https://t.co/m0TI0JqbpX
Listening to @jerrysaltz on @longform made me so happy, like getting a plate of cookies from an old friend. And yet somehow also made me feel white hot shame about missing deadlines. 👏👏 https://t.co/4sggAnd0Ln
One last thing about @inemaart. They run a small shop where women can learn to the make artistic crafts like bow ties, tote bags, and these cloth beads used in bracelets and necklaces. I met some of the women while there and they said that before Inema s… https://t.co/0jc9xZ79vV
Even when I’m 13.5 hours ahead of NYC, I still can’t manage to think of dinner before all the world’s kitchens close at 9 or 9:30pm. Stay tuned for my memoir: “I Would’ve Settled for a Bar Snack.”
Jamal Khashoggi's final column for @washingtonpost. The note from his editor about holding off publication so they could edit it together is wrenching. https://t.co/j6GL2uvM9M
Guys: I found abandoned, water-and-sand-filled Birks on a beach in #tasmania. Do I alert the authorities?
Life-size gorilla sculptures from Inema co-founder Emmanuel Nkuranga, made of wire, with coffee bag “skin” + “fur” of computer parts (left) and hair combs (right)
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