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Moon over #ChiangMai. I’ll be heading back to NYC soon to see what my life looks like without constant motion (and to speak at the @nytimestravel show on 1/26). To be honest, I’m apprehensive. I could sometimes be a creature of habit, lured by comforts … https://t.co/a41BAJ67np
Moon over #chiangmai. Heading back to NYC, so grateful for these past three weeks of great people and mango sticky rice in #thailand. https://t.co/TYalH7Oq0k
Asked to try on palazzo pants in #ChiangMai & the shopkeeper took one look at me, said, “small size only,” & walked away. Excited to see what shreds of self esteem I have left over after all this failed Asian clothes shopping.😄
Final random thought: Never trust an editor who thinks he/she knows everything, or a writer who doesn’t think she/he needs editing. We were dumb kids in 2007, but at least I think we were on the right side of that. :)
This is a great interview w/ incoming @NYMag EIC David Haskell. It’s a love letter to the staff... fear not the future. Also appreciate the shout out to my Wu Tang article from back when... remember that edit vividly!
https://t.co/hE3r9hN0jv cc @audeWhite
Fun interview with fellow traveler @HawkeyeOnAir for Dallas radio! Thanks for having me and for letting me ramble on so long! https://t.co/iFWr5WqdYG
This goodbye letter from Adam Moss is so classic Adam & wonderful, but this is my favorite part. https://t.co/sebXaVQPwK
What I really want to say is that when I left @NYMag after 17 years last year, Adam Moss had me into his office & I was nervous & all he wanted to do was tell me I could always reach out to him as a friend.
Doing my #52places2018 expenses & realized I was an accidental terrible tipper in certain countries bc I didn’t do the conversion math right. Don’t be like me! Use your phone calculator!
Cab drivers who earned their chops pre-navigation systems are THE BEST.
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