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writer of things, mostly for New York Magazine / http://nymag.com / http://vulture.com. IG: @alphajada

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Had a moment today when I drove half an hour to get to a beautiful restaurant in Peñafiel right on the Duero river in 🇪🇸 and got turned away because I didn’t have a reservation. And I almost cried because I was hungry and when I am hungry on this tri… https://t.co/Ar8aFZRNYn
One Spanish guide handing me off to another guide today, en español: “She understands more Spanish than she speaks, and she takes a lot of pictures so you need a lot of patience.” Verdad! 😂 #52places2018
Man, is #valladolid a gorgeous Spanish city. View of the Fuente de Plaza Zorrilla (the main plaza in the city) across the street La Academia del Arma de Caballería, or Cavalry Weapons Academy. The building was built in the 1920s. Valladolid is the starti… https://t.co/ucDqDXOfKf
Summer #traveltip No. 5... from my packing article: Be a warrior against chub rub! I carry 2 thin Spanx and @MegababeBeauty. (Less messy than baby powder, which I’ve also used.) What’s your solution? https://t.co/GsT9Us4GDT
I could really get used to 🇪🇸. Everywhere serves food till 1am (at least) and Spaniards were horrified to find out I’ve only been going to one restaurant a night. #52places2018
Older señores y señoras enjoying the summer night on benches in small Spanish towns are waving at my bus as it goes by and it is 💜💯
I do not get ppl who write articles saying they always fly with face masks & fragrant oils. It’s all I can do to make sure my one sweater makes it to the next destination. P.s. just left it in a Spanish winery today. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #52places2018
You know that ep of the Simpsons when Bart is enslaved by French winemakers & escapes & tells a police officer, “they’re putting antifreeze in the wine!” in French? That’s how I feel in Spain. Like I don’t know how, but I am semi-O.K. at Spanish.
In Spain and just tried to ask if I could get a to-go cup for the giant vat of Tempranillo I got for 5€. Uh, no. #52places2018
I sometimes photograph cats, too! Love this guy I found in the Totterdown neighborhood of #bristol in the U.K.. It’s steep street upon steep street of houses in all kinds of bright colors. @nodebutante recommended I go there, and I thought I didn’t have … https://t.co/rmmrEwi8rf
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