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writer of things, mostly for New York Magazine / http://nymag.com / http://vulture.com. IG: @alphajada

Latest Scoops

Great read about the new queen of the @MedievalTimes in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, by @AllisonPDavis. Carry on! @nymag https://t.co/imIPDrfos6
Been thinking a lot about Jennifer Riordan, a mother, a fellow New Mexican, and, it sounds like, an exceptional human. Here’s information about the trust her family started in her name. https://t.co/gKdQWVpTbD @ABQJournal
Oh hello, New York City! So glad to be home for a few days on a break. I missed you! Did not miss waiting 2 hours to get a table at a restaurant! Pic: looking south on 7th Avenue in The West Village. #avenuesoftheworld #nyc #i❤️nyc https://t.co/0ip2Xnx9ZG
Oh, that feeling when the subway doors close and you realize you accidentally took an express train. #nyc I’ve missed you!
Less than 12 hours back in NYC and I’ve already spotted Joel Coen exiting a 1 train. #i❤️nyc
Saskatoon! Coming your way in a week. Where would you recommend staying? Activities to plan?
Women in #LaPaz, #Bolivia, face discrimination, but they’re making themselves heard, in arenas from traditional dress to culinary arts to wrestling. An empowering place to visit. https://t.co/jxgCxJZTlq #52places2018
Travelers: rain jackets! What’s worked for you? Might ask for one for my bday. Also, am in Seattle so thinking about this a lot!
@ElMasLampara @nytimesES @TransMilenio El recorrido en bicicleta comenzó en La Candelaria! Pero, sí, la gente me advirtió sobre el @Transmilenia tantas veces que no lo intenté.
Feel lucky to have experienced the sights (and fruits!) of #bogota. Latest dispatch is up on @nytimestravel and we're taking questions for a Q&A. Send 'em in via the box in the piece! https://t.co/R1HXs15yqJ#52places2018#colombia
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