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I was one of the reporters Trump said he "brought" to see family separations. He, and he alone, systematically separated thousands of children -- "torture" per @P4HR  and "government sanctioned child abuse" per @AmerAcadPeds  after they were warned it would damage kids for life.

Pope Francis calls Trump’s family separation border policy ‘cruelty of the highest form’

Trump never answered @kwelkernbc  's question about how he'll reunite them because he doesn't have a plan. Worse, right now they couldn't if they wanted to. They cannot be reached, because their record keeping was so shoddy.

Trump has no idea where those 545 separated parents are and didn’t answer @kwelkernbc’s  question about reuniting them, as I told @maddow.  His admin invited me and others to see separated kids while detained and they were anything but “well taken care of.”

Monday I spoke with a still-separated father and son. The young man is eight now, living in CA with relatives and hasn’t seen his dad in nearly three years. @AlOtroLado_Org  trying to reunite them. Listen to audio which aired on @NicolleDWallace  ’s show.

Read this reporting, too, from @KQED  's @Michellololol  and @adrianamorgao,  as @JoyAnnReid  mentioned tonight, detailing @Global_Workers's  search for the "unreachable " parents.


This is the same Katie Miller who told me getting sent to the border to see the conditions separated children were kept in did not make her more compassionate. 📺:

The Trump administration systematically took over 5,500 kids from their parents at the border knowing it would traumatize them for life, and there hasn't been a single question about it -- nor any question about immigration policy -- at either of the first two debates.

NEW: Federal prosecutors who ran a 2017 family separation “pilot program” determined kids should be given a maturity test to confirm they could find their way back to parents on their own, DOJ memo obtained by @NBCNews  says. With @jujedwards. 

Why aren't we talking more about violence over Trump's border wall construction between the Border Patrol, U.S. Park Police and Indigenous protestors? Because too few are willing to do what @AliVelshi  did today: go see what's happening with your own eyes. #Velshi  @UPonMSNBC 

You can see clearly here that Trump won't even come close to Obama when it comes to first term deportation numbers.

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"People ask when we will find all of these families and, sadly, I can’t give an answer... will not stop looking until we have found every one... tragic reality is that hundreds of parents were deported to Central America without their children, who remain here,” said @leegelernt  .