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Jack Whitehall

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Utterly devastating about Caroline Flack. She was a fun, kind beautiful person, always loved seeing her. So unfair that this has happened. Let’s pray we learn from this and remember to be a little bit more compassionate to people when they are down.

Hugely honoured to be back hosting the BRITs. Watch live on @ITV  and @WeAreSTV  from 8pm tonight! @brits  #BRITs  #Brits2020 

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Haha nothing to be nervous about. I love you! 😂

New show. Me @lizzo  and @Harry_Styles  travelling round the world in a camper van.

Favourite Brits ever. Rod and Harry fighting over my mum, Queen Lizzo, Scottish Beyonce being a legend, Dave! Some of the best performances I’ve ever seen. Massive team of people make that show happen, well done to all of them! #BritAwards2020 

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You know your hungover when Face ID doesn’t recognise your face.

I’m off on another adventure with my father. We had a mammoth flight, but thankfully @fatherwhitehall  booked an @EtihadAirways  business class seat. It turns out the seat wasn’t for me, though. Th #Etihadnk  #giftedou  ✈️

These two are so weird together. They honestly deserve each other. Thank you for humouring both, @Etihad  #Etihadi #giftedrways

These two are so weird together. They honestly deserve each other. Thank you for humouring them both, @Etihad  #Etihadi #giftedrways


Just heard some kids arguing on the street. So pleased to hear the insult 'suck your mum' is very much still in circulation.

The downside of working out with Glutenus Maximus is that he has all the machines set on beast mode. A lot of this was going on.

Ha my father just tried to put some music on that wasn't Buble. I just shut his ass the f**k down. We're on 48hour Buble lock down.

Farage now has some difficult decisions to make. I'm A Celebrity or Big Brother?

You’d only need two things to make Dancing on Ice more entertaining. 1) Fatter Celebrities 2) Thinner Ice

Ronaldo swerved that like he swerved the tax man.

I'm playing for @NiallOfficial  team at this charity football match, you can get your tickets here

I see Danny Dyer’s daughter is in Love Island - any would be suitors been warned. #ThePipe  #LoveIsland 

They need to bring on Harry Styles to tell James how much pussy he's gonna get!