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Jackson Gothe-Snape

Journalist in the Canberra Press Gallery for ABC. International migration, drones, energy, the public service and Antarctica ? using ?????️??‍?

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posted an article this morning: "Faster than ever: Bronson Xerri rivalling Foxx in pace race". Can anyone else access it now? Down for me.

A bit late to the energy technology investment roadmap. This chart made my head hurt. So I simplified it to 2023-30. The abatement potential of solar and wind with batteries jumps out.

This story was published exactly two months ago.

A few highlights from NRL's return... Payne Haas is now able to do this 👇 for 80 minutes.

Doing some stat+video NRL stuff for ABC this season. What would you like to see? For now, read more here:

40 hectare, $400m weed greenhouse in the works for Toowoomba 😮 (via @DrugsWrap  )

Had some friends on Insta tell me this account using my name was popping up in their “Suggested for you”. It uses an old bio from my Tiser days. “Suggested for you” seems to match names in contacts. Reported it to @instagram  as impersonating me. The response is back...

Looming ACT election, @RaidersCanberra  finals run, @CanberraCaps  season tip off... couldn’t resist subscribing to t @canberratimese  . Subscription line gave me the option of which days to receive it. ~$140 for three months of Monday to Friday papers. 👍

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Spelling bee is now open. Prizes include $250 book pack! Website appears to be WordPress based (can anyone elaborate?). Page source includes cryptic two finger image. 🤷

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield. Cufflinks. From Foxtel. A week after media reform. Really?

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Australia's department of environment: the climate is not getting "worse" because it depends on where you are on the globe and some parts of the globe will find changes to their advantage #estimates  #auspol 

Get up to speed quickly on the sport grants scandal... From October, Senate estimates:

So it turns out that whole $100m pre-election sport grant scheme, made famous by Georgina Downer’s novelty cheque, could be illegal. #auspol 

Morrison says all sport grant projects are "eligible". But Morrison's own local soccer club, which boasted about funding before grants were announced, and whose president is an associate of Morrison, seemed to get $200k to finish off its clubhouse...?

The Government gave News Corp $345,000 to build a website for a spelling bee. All it took was one line in one small regulation.

?Liberal MPs dumped Malcolm Turnbull last year, prompting a change in ministry ✈️Peter Dutton and Mathias Cormann booked defence jets to get to the swearing-in ceremonies ?The flights cost $63k in fuel, landing fees and airport handling charges #auspol 

Hi, I’m Jackson. I’ve worked in the Canberra Press Gallery since 2013. Some reflections on this story today. (warning: THREAD inco #auspoling ) @Amy_Greenbank