Unrelated to anything, but very excited for Tuesday's announcement. Should be a fun spring. Oh, the places we'll go...

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It’s been one year since @KingJames  learned Alex Caruso’s bounce is no joke 💀

#MCFC have confirmed they will not be furloughing any of their non-playing staff due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Christianity is about having a relationship with the God of this universe through His son, Jesus. It’s certainly not about being perfect.

Shaq says he used to let these players shoot because he loved their game: ▫️ White Chocolate ▫️ Vince Carter ▫️ Tracy McGrady ▫️ Allen Iverson "I could’ve blocked [Iverson’s] shot multiple times, I just didn’t want to" (via @SimmsAndLefkoe )

When LeBron & Dwight Howard had a dunk off for a Big Mac & fries. Special cameo at the end!

Night 1 of #WrestleMania  was incredible! Thrilled I wasn’t facing @theundertaker  until I realized I step into #FireflyFunhousehe  TONIGHT. I have a feeling it’s gonna get .... weird. Tune into @WWENetworkhe  TONI @WWEE !

27 years ago today, North Carolina won the National Championship after Chris Webber called a timeout Michigan didn't have.

A double for Eden! 😍 #OnThisDay  v Man City in 2017! 💪