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Latest Scoops

On my way to my first and almost certainly last Streamys, can't wait to share my beauty with friends
honest question - what's a youtube video that has a LOT of ad breaks? need this info for this year's halloween costume
today's spooky pfp is by @SRV2017 sorry if it spooks ya
Really bummed that Ariana deleted this because we big foreheaded girls need to stick together
6 months ago today! https://t.co/bneQwcyGGj for more photos and video
Damn man same it's nuts right?
today's pfp by @Zhng08 may be an old meme but it'd be a crime not to include it
Excited to attend my first Streamys tomorrow night! None of my suits fit me so I'll be the one in a t-shirt and sweats
Doing a... business
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