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1. Also, FTR: polling that includes breakdowns by religous group is sorely lacking, and there should be more of it. BUT: I’d argue that, in the Trump era, *just as important* is breaking out voters by their views on Christian nationalism — which few, if any, pollsters are doing.

I thought we were all already aware of this.

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Got a story I've been working on coming.

NEW from me: Despite a culture 'entrenched in fear,' LGBTQ students find ways to thrive at Liberty University

You may've heard 3 Black Liberty U staffers resigned recently decrying its "history of racism." At least 1 of those staffers IDs as queer, and says the school's issues extend to sexuality as well. E.g., a Bible study some describe as conversion therapy.

I feel like you can't ask for a better review of American Prophets than this one from People's World, which refers to my reporting as "magisterial."

And that’s not really a reflection on their intelligence, education level, political acumen, or whether they are directly — often massively — impacted by the policies they end up voting against/for. They’re just…usually paying more attention to things pundits aren’t.

Tiny happy thing: My cousin just found my book in a small South Carolina library. Obviously this isn’t totally unexpected (libraries have books!), but it’s difficult to articulate how cool this is.


ANOTHER harrowing account from ANOTHER priest working outside St. John’s who says they were run off by tear gas, etc before Trump’s photo op. Ends with a defiant decree: “I am now a force to be reckoned with.”

Just spoke with Rev. Gerbasi. She told me that law enforcement with shields forced priests, others *off the church patio,* meaning they stepped on church property to expel people from it. As she put it: "They turned holy ground into a battle ground." Story coming.

1. Spoke w/Bishop Mariann Budde of the Washington Diocese. On Trump's remarks: "Everything he has said is antithetical to the teachings of our traditions and what we stand for as a church." ALSO: One of those driven out w/tear gas for the photo op was a *priest of the diocese.*

1. So I’m just going to start a thread of all the faith groups/faith leaders condemning either the Trump admin’s zero tolerance policy that separates families (and/or asylum change), Sessions’ argument that the Bible supports its enforcement, or both. Here are a few.

Bookstore clerk: Sorry our card reader takes a bit. We still have dial-up internet. Me: That slow? Her: Yeah, dial-up is super slow Me: Wait you ACTUALLY use dial up Internet? Her: Yup Me: … Her: … Me: Like…[makes modem noises]? Her: no like [more precise modem noises]

Reminder to journalists: white nationalism is bad. Trying to pull "both sides" on this subject IS an editorial stance—and not a good one.

Full story of the incident, including @GiniGerbasi 's account:

WHOA: Christianity Today, an evangelical Christian magazine, just called for Trump's removal from office: