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We’re releasing all the accounts and related content associated with potential information operations we found on Twitter since 2016. We’re releasing substantially more information about them to enable independent academic research and investigation. https://t.co/BWkI5wOG4I
(re: alcohol, doing #SoberOctober but I broke to have drinks with my brothers and friends last weekend 🍻)
I answer the daily questions as I head to sleep. 💤
What’s the most effective way you‘ve found to organize your day and work?
The “won’t do” list is often more important than the “do” list. Setting the intention to deliberately not work on something gives me clearer space to think and work, and be less reactive. Some items stay on the lists for days/weeks/months, some I want to make sure I do every day.
A practice I’ve been using off and on for years: every morning I write a checklist of work I intend to do today, and work I won’t do today. Focused on more strategic efforts rather than calendar stuff. I check off the “won’t do” before sleep (and eventually move them up to “do”).
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