Ivan Oransky

Ivan Oransky

VP, Editorial, @Medscape. Distinguished Writer In Residence, @NYU_Journalism; co-founder, @RetractionWatch; president, @AHCJ.

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“This is great news for the future of local journalism in Massachusetts. It gives us an opportunity to study where the problems are, who’s doing it right and how we can encourage the growth of independent community news organizations,” said @dankennedy_nu .

"Suddenly, I felt the intrusion of the medical- industrial complex into my clinical decision- making like never before," writes @JMallidi .

"How the hell did whoever these assholes were get that information?" Anthony Fauci: What Working for Trump Was Really Like

“I don’t think I slept for a day and a half:” Bad news for study about bad news

"It all started when Orwell was walking down the scary streets of 1984. He was about to open up Twitter and tweet about whatever came into his mind, and also the address, phone number, and Social Security number of a congressman he didn’t like."

“The whole thing is yucky:” When you’re surprised to find yourself as an author on a paper

Group Calls On Vt. Newsrooms To Address Gender Bias, Lack Of Diversity In Coverage

"This held for a decade — until 1940, when The Los Angeles Times flouted the rules and broke the embargo, resulting in a deflated, surprise-free event." Embargoes at #Oscars 


Tragic, and entirely predictable: Man dies, wife in critical care after ingesting chloroquine for COVID-19

“You’re seeing papers published in the world’s leading medical journals that probably shouldn’t have even been accepted in the world’s worst medical journals.”

More than 100 doctors, nurses, and other health care workers have died of COVID-19. At @Medscape , we want to make sure they are not forgotten.

63% of physicians would not get a COVID-19 vaccine if the FDA were to issue an emergency use authorization (EUA) for one before phase 3 trials were complete, according to a @Medscape  survey.

Physicians, nurses, and health care workers are being muzzled by hospital administrators and threatened with discipline for speaking out about #COVID2019  caseloads and dwindling supplies, reports @legal_med .

Hydroxychlorine-COVID-19 study did not meet publishing society’s “expected standard”

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Are you a reporter who has suddenly found yourself on the #COVID ー19 beat? Here's my advice for covering science moving at dangerous speeds, in @CJR .

French hydroxychloroquine-COVID-19 study withdrawn

"Journalists must realize the harm that can be caused when they fail to detect spin and promote it to their readers." We did RCTs of spin in health news stories. Published today in @BMCMedicine  with @garyschwitzer  @J2Novack  et al.