Ian Grillot / Indian / Kansas

'I did what was right': Ian Grillot was shot as he jumped to the defence of two Indian men in a bar in Kansas, USA

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Ian Grillot / Indian / Kansas

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“So far all the tests completed on those potentially linked to the northern Melbourne cluster have come back negative.”

Interesting piece by Vernon Bogdanor on the long-term ramifications of Brexit on the EU project. One of the things misread over here in the Brexit saga is that Brexit is one of the only things the 27 are united on.

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Why the current surge of U.S. coronavirus cases is different from preceding waves.

It's human nature to hold on to a view, even when it's proven wrong. Once we invest in any idea, we tend to hold on to it. Do you want the red pill or the blue pill? #change  #choice  #freedom  #knowledge  #growth  #leadership 

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