Donald Trump / President

An anti-Trump protester screams 'no' as Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th US President

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Donald Trump / President

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My fellow conservatives, there’s nothing to celebrate about Sanders’ victory and possible if not likely nomination.

Hi @bbcquestiontime , can you confirm whether the lady on the front row of the last episode was twice a National Front candidate, and let the public know the criteria for "ordinary audience members", and who books them?

House Democrats working with the New York Times try to setup the president yet again with the same phony Russia scam.  Fascistic tactics and the unfree press.

They're about to meet their baby sister for the first time ❤️

Whenever you're feeling down, remember, you're the sperm that won

Being so bored that you suggest a trip to the supermarket “for fun”

Hope you’re having a blessed Sunday ❤️ ... now COME ON UNITED.

If you are not enjoying the journey, you probably won’t enjoy the destination.

Lack of sleep and going to sleep irregularly can lead to early death.