Blindfolded driver crashes into another vehicle while doing 'Bird Box Challenge'

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Bird Box

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@BTS_twt  discuss the creative process behind their latest release and shine a light on the growing creative community in South Korea. #7PARTYON 

#MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_7 @BTS_twt  's fourth studio album, is the latest development in a busy year for the South Korean pop superstars. 🎵

Fascinating - I asked many @SenSanders  supporters about their unions’ concern about Medicare for All. They told me yes, they have good insurance now but what if they lose their jobs? And they have friends and family w/o jobs (NV jobless rate is higher than national average)

Fans rave over BTS' Jungkook's physique and energy in 'BTS focus' video of 'ON' Kinetic Manifesto film

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Woman helps a stuck little porcupine 💗

Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already knew.

Go where you are appreciated, not where you are tolerated. Your confidence, health, and life will be much better.

"Because Trump is such a visceral assault on the senses, I think people have forgotten the power of voting for something as opposed to against something.” #BetweenTheScenes 

Eminem agrees that he's a guest in hip-hop: "I never said I wasn’t. I never said I was king of anything, right?"