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Latest Scoops

Tory MPs Heidi Allen, Anna Soubry and Sarah Wollaston leave party and join ex-Labour Independents
The moon looked bigger and brighter on Tuesday night as the second supermoon of 2019 took place.

And it's led to some terrific lunar shots:
The reaction to Shamima Begum's loss of citizenship and the extent of Meghan's recent flying visits are among Wednesday's headlines.

Here's all the front pages:
Four Tory rebel defections expected as Labour MP Joan Ryan becomes eighth MP to leave party.

Does this make an early general election more likely?
This is the moment @RohitKachrooITV handed Shamima Begum the letter from the Home Office confirming she's been stripped her of UK citizenship.

She said the decision was "kind of heart-breaking to read " and "hard to swallow "
Cloudy start makes way for mixed weather on Wednesday

Here's the full forecast:
"I'm a bit shocked... It's a bit unjust on me and my son."

Shamima Begum gives first reaction as ITV News informs her the Home Office has revoked her British citizenship
Drivers can now add emojis to their number plates in Australia 😃🚗🇦🇺
A significant number of stores to potentially be sold off. Higher food and fuel prices. Lower quality.

The competition watchdog has delivered a worrying assessment of the proposed Sainsbury's-Asda merger
Theresa May heads back to Brussels after Brexiteer boost

The Most Relevant

'We had to pull nails out of children's faces': Steve, a homeless man who was sleeping near #Manchester Arena, rushed to help young victims
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This is the story of Molly McClaren, the student stabbed more than 75 times by her ex-boyfriend Joshua Stimpson
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'I did what was right': Ian Grillot was shot as he jumped to the defence of two Indian men in a bar in Kansas, USA
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An anti-Trump protester screams 'no' as Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th US President
Homeless hero Steve has been offered a job, money and a home since he helped victims of the Manchester attack
A widow in her 70s, who was the victim of a racist tirade on a Ryanair flight, has told ITV News how the incident has left her in shock and unable to eat and sleep. Read more:
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"I have nothing to say about this matter except to offer you some tea..." greets the media armed with a tray of mugs amid burka row
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Exclusive: Shamima Begum has had her UK citizenship revoked by the British government, this letter seen by ITV News shows
Can you help track down these men? They're wanted in connection with a theft after a woman, 87, had her purse stolen
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A blind war veteran has made a tearful appeal for return of his war medals, which have gone missing
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