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Unregulated and unsafe? Rise in botched cosmetic fillers sparks questions about beauty industry
North Circular from Chiswick to Hanger Lane named UK's most congested stretch of road
Investigation shows how easy it is to buy a zombie knife online
Call for £1.5 billion fund to take polluting vehicles off the road
More than £40m of taxpayers money 'wasted on London's failed Garden Bridge'
The airline FlyBMI has collapsed - with all flights immediately cancelled. Bought a ticket? Here's what you can do:
Judge apologies after falling asleep during hearing
Strictly star AJ Pritchard on romance rumours and details of his new show...
Judge apologies after falling asleep during hearing

The Most Relevant

Royal Dock's cat Felix has had a difficult start to his bank holiday Sunday. Someone buy that man a cup of tea please...
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Mother's desperate plea for information about her 14-year-old daughter. Please RT:
18 months on from the fire that changed London - another shocking story about how people are being treated AFTER Grenfell.
Bobby Ross, who lost his father in the tragedy, was shocked to find a security guard had moved into the home the council had given him. @RagsMartel reports
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Giant semi-naked Jeff Goldblum statue pops up in front of Tower Bridge.
Severely autistic boy missing from his home in Lewisham
The Grenfell Inquiry heard alarming evidence today that the flames were being fuelled by gas inside the tower - which wasn't turned off for almost 24 hours after. was listening.
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The sister of a young man stabbed to death at a party in Bow has warned that every Londoner could be affected by knife crime. Today, Lamar Stewart's killer was jailed. reports.
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Police are offering a £20,000 reward after a man was murdered with a fatal punch in Trafalgar Square. Desmond O'Beirne's family asked that CCTV of the attack was released to help find those responsible. More here
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Potentially the best sign off we've ever had on ITV London thanks to grime star @bignarstie
Is this London's most famous internet cat? has become such a star online that she's now got her own book deal. The secret to her success seems to be her permanently shocked expression.
Sam Holder went to meet the feline star and her owner.
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