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Latest Scoops

Since the show Courtney and Leanne's relationship is stronger than ever but unfortunately they did not manage to settle their differences with Gary and no longer have any contact with him. #JeremyKyle
Since the show ivy and roger have not had much contact and decided to carry on with their separate lives good luck to them both! #JeremyKyle
Don't miss tomorrow's show- "My cheating ex refuses to be a father to our 18-year-old daughter!"
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Since the show Beverly and Vicky both decided to part ways with Michael. Michael agreed that this was the best thing for them all. #JeremyKyle
Claire and Shaun say their marriage has been saved by the show. They were close to breaking point, however they now say they’re closer than ever! #JeremyKyle
Since the show Sharon and Patricia have stayed away from Gerry and Zoe because of the shocking lie detector results. We wish everyone the best for the future #JeremyKyle
Don't miss tomorrow's show "I lost my delivery job because you stole my bike! Lie detector results"
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