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Latest Scoops

Jake and Abbie say their relationship has improved massively since they both passed their lie detectors. Good luck to them both
Since the show Tony has been working with the team to help get regular contact with his daughter.
Tracey was really happy that she got to prove herself. She and Amanda are have ceased contact with each other and are happy moving on their own lives.
After the show Julie and her daughters have stayed in regular contact, Julie and Connor are taking their relationship slowly.
Loving Kyle House this morning! #jeremykyle @ITV @WeAreSTV
Since the show Alison says their relationship has never been better and Paul is starting to trust her. We wish them the best of luck!
Since the show, Lucy admitted that she slept with another man behind Chris’ back. He believes she was prostituting herself for drugs #watchthisspace
Lauren, Claire and Chantelle haven’t spoken to Susan since the show.. Susan is still adamant Claire took the money.
National TV awards @OfficialNTAs voting ends soon! Don't forget your to vote for the King of Daytime! #JeremyKyle https://t.co/t3hJAgfq2Y
#10yearchallenge Look at those pinstripes! What do you guys think?
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