#ISRO See the video showing the images of earth captured by #Chandrayaan2  #VikramLander 

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Incidentally, I am laughing about this and about how much we enjoy calling it out. But it does *genuinely* annoy the bollocks off me.

Also, as @array_jd28  points out, they’ve spelt Olivia Colman’s name wrong.

"The Trump rainbow apparel is not only monumentally hypocritical and insulting; it’s also part of a long list of attempts to grab media attention that momentarily makes Trump appear as an ally of LGBTQ people — at least to those who don’t read past the headlines."

Australia is burning. Downtown Sydney was partially evacuated due to the smoke. Ferry service was cancelled due to low visibility. Fire alarms are randomly going off inside buildings. Schools are keeping children inside. This is a climate emergency.

50 years ago, Apollo 12 astronauts stepped out into sunshine & breathed unfiltered air for the first time in four weeks. Managers declared them fit for release from quarantine on Dec. 10, 1969, & they later visited @NASAKennedy , the White House & more.

@MileyCyrus THIS is the violence of fur 💔 Conscious rabbits have their heads hacked off, chinchillas scream during electrocution, sables frantically pace in tiny cages, & more in breaking investigation. Help end this and BAN FUR at @Nordstrom !

FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS: Scientists have created a version of E. coli that eats CO2. It involved a switch in 11 genes and with more research could lead to a future where bacteria eat CO2 and produce renewable fuels and food. UGH, WE LOVE SCIENCE!

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What's going on deep below the South Pole? Despite having completed its mission in orbit over six years ago, ESA’s#GOCE  satellite is providing a clearer view of the secrets lying deep below one of the most remote parts of the world: Antarctica... 👉

This telescope can see supernovas, black holes and spiral galaxies using the smoothest mirrors ever created. View more of the universe through X-ray eyes: