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“All I remember is after my junior year thinking, ‘Where’s Chrissy Blasey?’” he recalled.

“She was the sort of person a lot of people paid attention to — she was a leader, she was great. I was like, where did she go?” https://t.co/lri1ONsxph
Hill: "In hindsight I think the Senate's consent to the hearing was quite cynical."
From Anita Hill's "Speaking Truth to Power." "[Thomas] came to the committee as an invited guest. I, on the other hand, was an intruder..."
Anita Hill was interviewed by the FBI after sending the committee an affidavit. Thomas later testified that he learned about the allegations from an FBI agent. https://t.co/CaP7wtKi6D
Christine Blasey Ford's letter says that in addition to death threats and moving out of her home, her email was hacked and people have been impersonating her online. via @CNN
"Graham said he doesn’t consider the predominantly male composition of the Judiciary Committee to be an issue because many women elected him and his colleagues... 'I earned my way on that seat. I’ve got a lot of women supporters in South Carolina.'” https://t.co/0Ss7toKIU6
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How can you find out what happened without interviewing all of the people who she said were in the room? Mark Judge should be questioned.https://t.co/54uOwtwyg1
Anita Hill: How to Get the Kavanaugh Hearings Right via @NYTimes https://t.co/mSBEMpqZWh
Christine Blasey Ford told friends as early as late 2017 that a federal judge had assaulted her, they told the Mercury News https://t.co/bF3zYzcRak
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