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MSNBC/NBC national reporter. Co-author of NYT bestselling book NOTORIOUS RBG: https://t.co/dzWiBoYU2h How to pronounce my name: https://t.co/gA7icfYZge

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It’s true and I’m so excited
Can we talk about how many of these recent indictments have involved sliding into the twitter DMs?
I just got a cab on 5th Avenue in midtown in a torrential downpour, and if you’ve ever tried this you will celebrate me.
@EmilyRNunn @senatormayukh @NewYorker Eek on the content. But FYI, the external email thing is automatic on all emails not to post addresses.
I am truly offended by Sacha Baron Cohen’s muddled accents.
My in-flight wifi will only load tweets. Hey guys, anything going on?
Wow, Alison Brie got robbed. #Emmys
Some very persistent myths about Roe v. Wade ably debunked by @lemieuxlgm https://t.co/RxnbTp3Qj4
Is this clickhole
As for “the nation’s history and tradition,” well, that left out a lot of people. How RBG has reconciled it:
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