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MSNBC/NBC national reporter. Co-author of NYT bestselling book NOTORIOUS RBG: https://t.co/dzWiBoYU2h How to pronounce my name: https://t.co/gA7icfYZge

Latest Scoops

I am a very loyal delta flyer but “the first stop towards connection... is departure” is weak as hell.
The New York Hustle of Amazon’s Second Headquarters https://t.co/TKd5CYftX1
Excellent rundown of all the ways the system failed in Georgia — in many ways by design https://t.co/0lOQ2PqyFk
The man on this plane using the aisle and his seat as a standing desk is
"Why are we giving Bryant...all of this publicity and legitimacy if he won’t even meaningfully address the thing this story is ostensibly about?" Good question and fair critique here. https://t.co/1twHNcQODY
People are being so wrong about airports today and I'm mad about it.
This is bananas. The best airport in the continental US is clearly MSP.
So happy to see ⁦@rtraister⁩ at the top of this list. Go read Good and Mad! https://t.co/Ae7fRMDNKa
Thanks for the shoutout, @brianstelter. Thrilled to officially be a @cnn contributor. https://t.co/6l02Me4QVv
Can you call yourself blacklisted for your edgy antifeminist views if no one remembers you? Low key devastating profile of the Quillette founder by @ThatAmelia. (Said founder has impressive hustle.) https://t.co/LJ0WATost7
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