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“It was done to intimidate,” journalist John Connolly told NPR. “No question about it.”

Can Netflix retain its streaming crown in the long term? Or is its atypical business model just a house of cards? We spoke with two experts with divergent views

Nikki Haley took to Twitter to pledge her allegiance to Trump-Pence 2020. @ed_kilgore  writes on why

The Democratic Association of Secretaries of State launched an initiative to flip offices in Missouri, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and West Virginia

Island life in semi-retirement, what a novel idea

Ralph Abraham is generally regarded as incumbent John Bel Edwards’s most formidable Republican opponent in Louisiana’s off-year governor’s race


A new poll found @AOC 's proposed tax plan to be "popular in all regions of the country"

Donald Trump all but confessed that he hired Matt Whitaker to stop the “illegal” Mueller probe. writes

Rev. William J. Barber II was arrested for protesting on behalf of higher minimum wages in front of McDonald’s corporate headquarters at about the same time as he learned he had been awarded a MacArthur “genius grant”

There is no economic theory that justifies the tax bill currently moving through the Senate, writes @EricLevitz 

Jeff Sessions’s departure, and his replacement with Mark Whitaker, is Trump’s plan to corrupt the Department of Justice. It's the most dire threat to the republic since Trump’s election itself, writes

Ben Carson defends himself against allegations that he never attempted to murder a child:

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Trump's election has already had real-world consequences for many Americans, especially the most vulnerable

State Department aides forced journalists to leave the room when it was Tillerson's turn to speak

President Trump says he "will be asking for a major investigation" into voter fraud