House Representatives Senate

#WEX2019 students visited @moad_  learning about how government process works between the House of Representatives and Senate.

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House Representatives Senate

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DACA recipients with arrest records: 53,792! That is a very large proportion of the total. @LouDobbs  Not good, but we will be able to make a deal with the Dems!

“This ridiculous Impeachment is a travesty, it’s not an inquiry. Just read the transcript.” @LouDobbs 

Sally Yates, acting attorney general in early Trump administration, sends out fundraising letter for Democratic National Committee.

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"Where is the trade deal? Where is the drug pricing reduction?" House Democrats keep putting their far-left base first—and the American middle class second.

Tomorrow, the American people will have a chance to hear the evidence we’ve collected for themselves. Nothing less than the future of our republic is at stake and it is my hope that everyone starts behaving that way.

“Now that I’m a member of Congress, I see and have experienced the immense amount of pressure there is to conform, and I frankly don’t know how Senator Sanders has remained this consistent for so long.” -Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The violence we've seen from Hong Kong police in response to peaceful protests is shameful. I will continue to support those speaking out against tyranny & fighting for freedom.

I'm pretty sure this isn't true, but I say, "Go for it, Hillary!" You still have that warehouse full of balloons for the victory party, right?

Immigrants have made this country what it is. Immigrants are America. I was proud to stand with Dreamers, @NancyPelosi , , @SenatorDurbin , @MaketheRoadNY , @UNITEDWEDREAMand  so many more fighting for #DACAoday .

These young Dreamers are fighting for their right to live in the only country they've ever known. And they have a message for @realDonaldTrump : We're all human, we're all people, no matter where you're from. Stop being ignorant. We all have the same dreams.