I'm A Celebrity...

I'm A Celebrity...

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Ever wondered what happens when you charge into a 6'4 rugby player? Here's @kategarraway  with a demonstration... #ImACeleb 

@andywhyment81  has only been here 5 minutes and he's already living his best life 😂 #ImACeleb 

Just in case you wanted to watch @romankemp’s  great @Caitlyn_Jenner  impression again (and again and again)… #ImACeleb 

What's got into Kev?! He's being a right cheeky chap recently 😅 #ImACeleb 

Thanks for all the positivity, @andywhyment81.  It's been VERY nice having you around 😊 #ImACeleb 

The winner of #ImACeleb  2019, and the brand new Queen of the Jungle is @jacquelineMjos!  👑🎊

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