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Mahesh Babu’s recent release #Maharshi  is writing new box office records for him

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The Left accuses me of defending Trump, no matter what he says or does, as if everything he does must be right; at the same time they collectively attack Trump, no matter what he says or does, as if everything he does must be wrong

In the racist tradition of his party, Biden worked with segregationist Democrats to block school integration. Here are the details

Simon Cowell breaks his back in bad e-bike crash, sources say

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I devoted so much energy to the #Thighland  controversy to expose the Left’s bogus aura of cultural sophistication. They think they are so cosmopolitan even while insisting there is only one way—their way—to pronounce the name of this country. That’s manifestly false. Yahoos!

ZZ Top plays to a packed, maskless crowd in South Dakota amid the pandemic:

Like galloping, running through sprinklers should not be an activity only socially acceptable for children. An adult should feel no shame in trotting through their own or someone else’s sprinkler privately or publicly.

“They were so famous they’d almost taken on personalities like comic-strip characters, beyond being human. They were as tight as four people could possibly be as no-one (...) had been through what they had experienced” - Michael Lindsey-Hogg