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My heart goes out to the passengers and crew members onboard the #AirIndia  flight. Deepest condolences to the bereaved families who lost their loved ones. Thoughts and prayers...

So grateful we all got to experience the #happinessbeginstour  together last year. It felt incredible to be back on stage with my brothers and we can't wait to do it all again. Hope you're staying well right now & looking forward to making more memories together soon. #HBTMemories 

SPOILER ALERT! Tune in for a Q&A with Matthew Rhys and me before you watch the season finale of @Max_HBO  this Sunday at 9pm on ... P @HBOS . B.S.-ing about the "spoiler" part. It is, however, an insightful conversation. (On his part.)

ARIZONA GOV to BIDEN: ‘Come on Man, Get Out of Your Basement Joe!’

How would you feel if you were a poor white trucker or handyman and you heard Oprah lecture you on your “white privilege?” Do you get the feeling that she would for one moment entertain the thought of trading places with you?

WHAT? Friendly goalkeeping? You’d have never said that if Messi has struck such an unstoppable thunderbolt.