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Latest Scoops

Facebook's adding to its AI college partnerships in London, Seattle and Pittsburgh https://t.co/adq3I2cmKd
So many AirPods lately. Eight pairs on my SF bus, see them all around downtown too.
The ⁦@Eat24⁩ app hasn't tweeted in over a week, and this weekend's coupon was a no-show.

Something going on, ⁦@Grubhub⁩?
"Of all of those adults there, there was nobody to step up and stop this lady. Say, 'Hey why are you hitting this young man?'" https://t.co/TZYlXMsGgL
"This looks like a lot of wasted time," he says typing the tweet into his phone.
Bird pushed a bill in California to do away with helmet laws and allow riders to cruise at up to 20mph on the sidewalk. https://t.co/0XFzWBrwQK
There is no more excusing this. Facebook needs to do what's right. https://t.co/5ztDjx3oFm
This is the conversation that keeps coming up at gatherings I've been to lately.

Whether he's good or right isn't the issue so much as how he's losing good will https://t.co/wadQzLEPsG
That's part of why there's a movement to call older millennials Xennials instead.

Look out Slack: Microsoft Teams has a new free tier https://t.co/PpQvpsz3cs
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