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Executive Editor @cnet, world's #1 tech news/reviews site. Cover VR, games, $MSFT & manage west coast team. Former @wsj @reuters @afp. 'That brash young fellow'

Latest Scoops

If you've strayed outside a major city, you know broadband is a luxury that much of the country doesn't have. Here's what's being done about it: https://t.co/UN0KUGNwxA
Silicon Valley and Wall Street may be down on Snapchat, but the youngins... https://t.co/QySmMngekw
So, maybe filter bubbles aren’t destroying society as much as we thought?
This interview ⁦@RogerWCheng⁩ did with ⁦@KeeganMKey⁩ about 5G is fantastic, from beginning to end.

"It's one better than 4G, and it's two better than 3G. Who doesn't want something that's two better than something else?" https://t.co/4OdPsDWYbh
Thank you @jinseyewear for the easy repair for my glasses! No fuss and friendly service.
"That's right, our phones have gotten so big they now need their own phones" https://t.co/q3LVbp4fdl
This is becoming a pattern. Happened to @Serrels too.

"the Rumors album by Fleetwood Mac still holds up." Nice get by @jasonschreier https://t.co/UGurbzEjXA
Magic Leap is having a developer conference this week, which is good because it needs killer content, and fast. https://t.co/yOKrkifZja
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