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Executive Editor @cnet, world's #1 tech news/reviews site. Cover VR, games, $MSFT & manage west coast team. Former @wsj @reuters @afp. 'That brash young fellow'

Latest Scoops

"That's right, our phones have gotten so big they now need their own phones" https://t.co/q3LVbp4fdl
This is becoming a pattern. Happened to @Serrels too.

"the Rumors album by Fleetwood Mac still holds up." Nice get by @jasonschreier https://t.co/UGurbzEjXA
Magic Leap is having a developer conference this week, which is good because it needs killer content, and fast. https://t.co/yOKrkifZja
A couple months ago, I decided I was going to confront my smartphone addiction head on. Since the first step is admitting the problem, I decided to plow into research and speak with experts. What I learned was...

Your kids hate your smartphone addiction https://t.co/W5FkR1nSO7
ESA, the video game lobbying group that runs E3, changes leadership https://t.co/08J3PPHBKr
Facebook's Instagram promotes from within for its new leader https://t.co/u1E4Qif4dU
Google's testing game streaming. It's partnered with Ubisoft to test game streaming to a limited number of people starting Oct 5, with the launch of Assassin's Creed Odyssey. https://t.co/xDXzIweo8G
So does this mean I was swept up in it? Or is everyone getting the alert?
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