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Uh, so Twitter suspends @AlexJones over a Periscope video, but leaves the offending video up on Periscope? @jack, what's the reasoning there?

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Totally off topic: Twitter's algorithm that catches me up on convos I'd care about is pretty spot on.

But because of the immediacy of Twitter, I feel weird every time I realize I'm joining a conversation six hours late to the party.

It's like
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Back on @abc7newsbayarea to discuss new concerns about ATM hacks. Watch live in a few!
This is what politics in 2018 has turned into: https://t.co/EL5Pq7gnFs
Sound test for Outside Lands starting up.
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So, suddenly @jack is on @seanhannity's radio program.

Other than pulling shoe leather out of his mouth, guessing this is a warmup for when he faces Congress in Sept.

I'll put a dollar down this is just the start of a larger media tour, a la Zuck in March
Snapchat isn't quite the spectacle it used to be. Get it? Eh? Eh? I'll be here all week. https://t.co/gdU8lYGoir
Seriously? 18%?

Childhood me disagrees.
Trying to make sense of what's going on between @RealAlexJones @infowars and tech co's? Here's our explainer: https://t.co/leawvzpWoW
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