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Executive Editor @cnet, world's #1 tech news/reviews site. Cover VR, games, $MSFT & manage west coast team. Former @wsj @reuters @afp. 'That brash young fellow'

Latest Scoops

If a Facebook exec deletes his tweet, does it still make a sound? https://t.co/npIDZ3VlbB
There's a lot of moving parts to this Cambridge Analytica, Trump and Facebook story. Here's everything you need to https://t.co/PgO2rqIvaE
Facebook claims a Trump-linked data analytics firm misused data about its users https://t.co/plbdKIFJ2n
Some people are not too pleased with Microsoft's heavy-handed approach here. https://t.co/7bEiLFbHYI
In today's episode of Algorithms Gone Wrong: https://t.co/O3QtYm9vGw
Some fun weekend reading: All the crazy lies the government says Theranos told you, me and everyone else. https://t.co/mrTO0W0ynQ
iHeartMedia files for bankruptcy. I wish I could say I ever hearted... never mind. https://t.co/Rj7mUi0INz
Everything you need to know about what happened this year at #SXSW https://t.co/p5OCbRhM6n
Good news: Google's Android P can halve photo sizes. Bad news: Not on lower-end phones https://t.co/wTbQHoKSmc
Last education-focused event was in 2012, when Apple announced new digital textbooks. https://t.co/WTXh4yroY9
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