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I'm no Tom Cruise.

But that won't matter. https://t.co/0NciUy47Iq
“Those events include the Springdale Public Schools district officials demanding the story be removed from the school website — despite Arkansas state law protecting the rights of student publications.” https://t.co/kw0hB0HgpV
It's bad enough that people are getting seriously injured by bad brakes and other broken bits on these scooters. But Bird actively lobbied to lift helmet restrictions in California, making things that much more dangerous for riders. https://t.co/nxC6ay11X7
Among the Cyber Monday crazy is a deal on 's entry in 's annual Tech Turkeys list -- Portal: the cool hardware no one trusts.

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Lately my son is into . It's scienc-y, which I love. One episode is about meteorites. This show is about *dinosaurs.* So, sticky subject.

Answer: The dinos say meteorites rarely hit the earth and they're usually small.

My son can't understand why I keep laughing.
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The latest sign tech is taking kids more seriously: Netgear has invested in GPS kid tracker, Jiobit. Tip @Techmeme https://t.co/upD7PTIkAI
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FB suggesting emoji to respond with (I guess in addition to Reaction emoji)
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