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Social networks/messaging services with highest number of monthly active users 1 Facebook 2bn 2 WhatsApp 1.3bn 3 Facebook Messenger 1.2bn 4 WeChat 980m 5 Instagram 800m All but WeChat are owned by Facebook Inc.

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Facebook / Whatsapp / Facebook Messenger / Wechat / Instagram

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To be clear, and as I said on Lunchtime News, it is EU leaders who decide whether there is a Brexit extension, not Juncker. And I expect ttem to say very little about possibility of another postponement of leaving day, because it is not something @BorisJohnson  will ever request!

Pelosi makes viral Trump pic of "meltdown" her new Twitter cover photo

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pays tribute to Rep. Elijah Cummings: "Cummings became a living legend in his native Baltimore. By all accounts, he was a powerful and passionate voice on the national stage and a strong advocate for his neighbors"

Watch the inspirational poem that Rep. Elijah Cummings read in his first floor speech to Congress in 1996.

In 2018, in the Canadian Senate, I introduced private member’s bill #S239  designed to eliminate foreign influence in Canadian elections. Trudeau’s appointed Senators blocked the bill from even going to committee for a hearing.

Sen. Kamala Harris: President Trump "has lost his privileges and [his Twitter account] should be taken down.... [Social media sites] are directly speaking to millions and millions of people without any level of oversight or regulation. And that has to stop."

When @gretchenwhitmer  decided to veto $1.47 million in grants to autism prog @JohnJamesMIams , stepped up and donated $10,000 to the #MISennce '>Autism Alli #MISennce .

@Project_Veritas  should win a Pulitzer Prize for its #ExposeCNN  investigation." CNN Field Ops Manager: It's Bullsh*t, We're Totally Left-Leaning But We Don't Admit It

Rep. Elijah Cummings was a powerful example of just how much impact a person can have when they are always ready to stand up for what is right—and he always will be. My thoughts are with his family & all those who love him today.

Boris Johnson is desperately trying to force through a last minute, bad #BrexitDeal  that would be hugely damaging to British jobs and our public services. The British people deserve better. Join our fight to stop Brexit and build a better future 👇