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#PaanoBaTo: How to ovecome feeling intimidated at work or school? Feeling like there are so many others who can do better than you, or feeling insecure? CNN PH Head @ajbennettCNNPH gives advice. Watch:

A major tip I can share when washing beddings and towels: Prevent fading and himulmol with #DownyPH! The special formulation protects the color and helps keep the fabric strands strong and intact. Currently using Downy Sweetheart. 💕 What laundry tips can you share?
Bathtime becomes playtime with the help of #JohnsonsBabyPH. 💙
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Beautifully said, Julia! Proud of you.
How is it even possible to be that beautiful ❤❤❤ @lizasoberano (photo by @santiagoraymond)
@planetei Try to take a break, do something totally unrelated. Listen to music? Watch YouTube videos? Eat? Then go back to your paper with fresh eyes. Good luck!
Pupunta ka bang @starhuntabscbn ngayong weekend? Here are a few #PaanoBaTo tips from @direklauren himself. Watch:

Saw this online and felt the need to share it. ❤
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