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#PaanoBaTo: How to do goal-setting for the new year? How to make sure hindi siya "basta plano lang"? Super wife and mom @mommymaricel shares with us concrete, actionable steps on how she and the Pangilinan family do their yearly planning. Watch:

2nd game, 2nd win! Thank you Lord! Congratulations @phx_fuelmasters!
Proud of you always @jcintal7! 💥
Grabe naman tong game na to! First game palang ng elims ganito naaaa
Whatever it is you are going through, know that you are not alone. And you will get through it. 🙏🏼
#PaanoBaTo: What to do when you feel like you're "falling behind" your personal goals or others' expectations? Design Thinking teacher @arrianeserafico shares great guidelines to help us plan for the year ahead! Watch:

I wrote a couple of articles for @ABSCBNLifestyle! In case you are interested to read about a few parenting topics, click the link below:

Congratulations Team World Of Dance! Perfect choice of judges sina Maja, Billy at Tito Gary. Luis as always is great, and Pia is refreshing! #WorldOfDancePH
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