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@TheEllenShow: "What do you and Michelle fight about?"
@BarackObama: "After 15 years, I finally figured out that.... she's always right. So, surprisingly we just stopped fighting."

Obsessed with watching Michelle Obama speeches and talks on YouTube right now. That woman, wow! So wise and grounded and empowering. 😱😱😱

Would love links if you want to refer any more!
#PreggySetGo Thank you @_MagandangBuhay for having me! 🤰🏻
#FRACRO!!!! Can't believe we have to wait another four years after this. 😭
Not a big Kardashian fan but so in awe of how Kylie Jenner built and grew her soon-to-be billion dollar cosmetic empire, one of the youngest self-made billionaires at 21. #girlboss #iwishiwasentrepreneurial
Hahahaha I asked my sister what the mood is like in London now. If its the same as Manila and beki fans pag natalo sa Miss U. She said:

"Di naman init ulo. More like deflated. And drunk. 🤣"
OMG did not see that coming! #WorldCup
Really happy and proud to be partners with #JohnsonsBabyPH in this campaign to remove the "pressure" to be a "perfect" mom because of social media. #NaturallyBeautifulMOMents 💛
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