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Super saya ng anniversary week ninyo!!! Congratulations Team #ShowtimeMagpasikat2018!!! 💯
I'm working on a series to hopefully feature Pinoy YouTubers giving advice on#PaanoBaTo, starting with this one from @ItsACsLife! I have a few names on my wishlist and I hope they say yes!! Who YouTuber would you like to see give advice, and about what? 😊
#PaanoBaTo: How to overcome shyness? How to be more confident sa job interviews or in front of strangers? YouTuber and film student @ItsACsLife shares advice! 👍🏼 Watch:

Waaaah! Wala akong number na pumasok, yung asawa ko 3 numbers! Kaloka tong Lotto na to. 😅
Thank you for your answers! Last.. Do you have any question about you @enjoyGLOBEr Postpaid bills? Will do my best to get an answer for you with this special project. 😊
Madaming nasa 999, 2499, a #ThePlant so far! Next question.. What is stopping you from changing/updating yo @enjoyGLOBEur Postpaid plan? Trivia: Your number will not change even if you update your plan! Same number pa din! 👍🏼
Thank you for your answers! Daming loyalists! 😄 Next.. do you know wha @enjoyGLOBEt Postpaid plan you're on? Alam n'yo ba yung name? Me, I'm on the new one call #ThePLANed Plus. How about you?
Question.. who among you are with Globe Postpaid? Ako since 2003.. grabe, 15 years! 😱 Wanna ask how many of you have been wit @enjoyGLOBEh for many years, too!
I'm planning a little something with @enjoyGLOBE that is going to be helpful for you guys.. so I wanna do a quick Twitter chat to get some thoughts from you! 😊
For this pregnancy, I decided to hold a different kind of baby shower. ❤🤰🏻🙏🏼 https://t.co/TqvotxeXtT
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