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There are so many lovely pictures of her, but this one speaks to me beyond my friends beauty....hope u all also give it love.
It’s Katrina Kaif’s Birthday and we all at #Zero miss her!!! Maybe I should put a picture of her from the film and send out a loud Happy Birthday wherever she is??!!
Woke up and felt a genuine wave of Pride Love & inspiration. What an amazing athlete you are... Kya#HimaDas Baat hai!
The women on the sets made us take this...and pyaar ही प्यार, बेशुमार हो गया। Through the windows to our souls...we found the same thing...
And u will always be close to our hearts…u will always be the one jisne ‘Maar Daala!!’ https://t.co/UgGM7CLqYM
@hannahgadsby thk u for telling ur story. Strange to just praise #Nanette as a show, but everyone do watch it to ‘feel’ a part of her life
Thanks my friend for spreading the goodness. It’s important to inspire so many kids who look up to u as their hero. https://t.co/nTyGVSrrrr
After years the wife has allowed me to post a pic I have taken...she’s @gaurikhan all heart!
We don’t keep photo albums anymore… but I will make an album just to keep this pic with the great man forever. https://t.co/gYN24yMNyk
Maybe being a little formal but have to thank...my dearest @gaurikhan08 for putting up 26yrs video.@BilalS158 @parakramsinghr for making it@pooja_dadlani. for being so kind & my friend f@aanandlraior taking out time to shoot it. Very touched..
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