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No reason..no information...nothing to share, just ‘feeling good about life after a bath’ selfie...
Spent a few hours with the prides of India...Hockey & and@arrahman the talented Tha#ravivarmannk u the whole team for making me feel so wonderful. #HeartBeatsForHockey
Milkar karein apne Raashtrapita aur apne Pradhan Mantriji ke ek #SwachhBharat ke sapne ko saakaar.
@SwachhBharatGov @PMOIndia #MyCleanIndia
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Glad to get my hands on the latest iPhone! Thank you @Apple ... really enjoying the amazing Portrait Lighting. #shotoniPhoneXSMax
Thx to the Paralympic Committee of India & Mr. Rao to allow me to get inspired by the Paralympic Contingent of boys & girls. Learnt the lesson of celebrating incompleteness with grit & courage. Jao & Chak Doh Phatte !! Lov & best wishes to all of u
@anupamkher wow mere dost. “Daddy cool is like oh Potchi oh Koka oh Bobi Oh Lola”!! All the best & be happy always.
Saw bits of this extremely well-crafted film. A genre we normally don’t push boundaries in. Wishing my friends the best with this venture and hope u all watch it and enjoy it. #Tumbbad the Trailer.

@AnushkaSharma challenge done my way. Love u and all the best for Sui Dhaaga. May everyone’s hard work & belief be appreciated and rewarded.
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Wow wow wow. Wish I was there 2 party with my boys!!! Lov u Trinidad &Tobago & congratulations for the team...the champions dance & music & thx for making me & a part of ur family@TKRiders. This is how we play...boys each one hav a drink for me..Lov yaaa!!
Our Ganpati ‘Pappa’ is home, as the lil one calls him.
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