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So happy for you @juniorbachchan All ur passion perseverance & pyaar pays off for ur team. Congratulations & to many more.
Cos she doesn’t eat ice cream in real, Cos she has worked so hard & cos this reminds me of Darr...on th@aanandlraie#Zero film...’I lov u kkkKatrina..’
‘Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist...’ thank u Stephen Hawking, for making the world we know & we don’t know, a place to look positively at.
My media manager strikes again!! #KatrinaKaif extremely disturbed with my last dark selfie took it upon herself to rectify my photography game. Here is a sample of her amazing love for taking pics & keeping us all so entertained on the sets.
I took this pic in colour on the way to @aanandlrai #Zero shoot. It’s taken so long in traffic, the colours have faded...
As we stand poised for a new season of KKR we welcome @DineshKarthik as our Captain. Like our Captains over the yrs we know u will also lead us by boosting the self esteem & dignity of all of us.
When the company is sooo scintillating & exciting that u can’t keep ur eyes open! Serves them right for calling me to early morning shoots for ( P#Zeroic courtesy: Katrina my media manager )
Was watching one of my favourite stand up..@chrisrock and he in his own inimitable style reminded me wot life should be about...The quest to find God before God finds you...
How can one not just feel love & beauty & be grateful for a life that became a part of yours in some small way by making it prettier....isn’t it just easier to feel love & give towards that life, even in death...the comfort of appreciation and gratitude.
Public declaration of love for a ‘lady’ who has come to my country, India. U Simulate me, every bit and byte of u, Sophia. https://t.co/HxAhTORpHD
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