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Mattis savages Trump - three years without mature leadership. Extraordinary from Trump's former Defense Secretary. Full statement worth reading:

@Modern_Lockey  @LetttieP  @WillSommers1o  @afbenn95ssibly  - I thought Obama handled that side of things rather well (was a disaster on foreign policy) but then the Democrats tried to follow him with Hillary, and that was a terrible idea that makes quite a bit of this shambles their fault.

Soldiers from the Household Cavalry scrub graffiti off Whitehall - while middle class twits berate them. @MailOnline 

@orr_robinson  @MailOnlineThe  working class? They're brilliant, they keep saving the country and infuriating twits when we have elections and referendums.

White man whitesplaining to @nadhimzahawi  about black history. This edition of @bbcquestiontime  is beyond parody.

On hyper-liberalism, the anti-British New York Times in a terrible mess, and the way revolutions eat their own. My latest for @thetimes 

Is Zoom a Chinese Communist Party plot to get Western capitalists dependent on an app that then degrades and gets steadily worse thus ruining business? Plus - should we switch to @Microsoft  Teams?


Adonis now backing Brexit - extraordinary Facebook post clarification today from reads like a hostage statement dictated by Seumas Milne.

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Takes quite a special sense of narcissistic self-indulgence to treat the 93 year-old Queen, with a husband in failing health, the way Harry and Meghan have today.

Baffled by voices demanding rapid end to lockdown. Some of the commentary is borderline deranged. Economy is cratering, sure. Why on earth would we add in patients swamping hospitals, the breakdown of the NHS and perhaps a couple of hundred thousand Brits dying in agony at home?

Word of praise for the cops tonight in London, policing demos. Stretched by terror threat. Now handling Socialist Worker middle class twats

This Number 10's bizarre media strategy - flying kites off the record, favouring certain outlets and assorted other weirdness - is not suitable for a global pandemic and a national emergency. Get some professionals in and switch to daily televised press conferences.

The UK govt makes a proposal. Compromise talks? The EU's response is Verhofstadt tomfoolery, Varadkar urging a British second referendum, Merkel and Macron too busy to meet the UK PM. What a dreadful organisation the EU is. It's almost as though we should leave...

Throughout his long career in public service Oliver Letwin has been at the scene of political disaster after political disaster. Always overcomplicating. Well, he's excelled himself today. Epic muppetry.

It is quite incredible this. Senior SPADs - some of whom who have been completely found out in this crisis and had their arses saved by civil servants working round the clock - now trashing the civil service. Absolutely contemptible.

Catching up with Corbyn interview. Oh my goodness. He doesn't know what government bonds are. He doesn't know that it's government debt.