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It's a tough time for a lot of people. Samaritans have talked me off the ledge before. Big fan of them.
It's ok to cry.

It's fine to be uncomfortable.

It's alright to not like groups of people.

It's good to walk your own path in the face of criticism and confrontation.

116123 - number for @samaritans and it's free.
Having a lovely time in NZ with my sis. Still working through the 700 emails I had. Missed a lot of your tweets. Too many to catch up on. Thank you all so much for your support.
I'll be back on air next Monday at 10pm. You can listen on the @talkRADIO app, on DAB in the UK or worldwide on https://t.co/Rv4WfsAjQB

Watch on https://t.co/Pa7U3FqiBe

And call in on 0344 499 1000 or Skype LateNightAlternative
I keep narrating everything that's going on.
Wow. Just wow. So close to second! I'm thrilled. Thanks so much for the support.
Just saw this. Thanks for the tip. Next time...
Sang this song a LOT in the jungle to keep me sane. Always made me feel better and got me across the scary rope bridges. Love you @ImaniCoppola https://t.co/PL0G9Ce4ds
The legendary Tommy Boyd & @Flippinkath catch up with Iain on @talkradio and he takes your calls! https://t.co/KJdVlvQOGn
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