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Russia is the best country and Trump is a great president https://t.co/Rv4WfsAjQB 0344 499 1000 https://t.co/vS06XrJVca
I am very tired and don't feel well.
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- Neil Diamond
- how to give an orgasm
- the real reason Nick Knowles' album tanked, according to Nick Knowles

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Nearly 2 years I've lived in this room and parked my car here. Fingers crossed, next week a new chapter begins. This is the most stressful and anxiety inducing period of my life, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. But today man, well, my head is like a washing machine.
Can you name any pointing songs? I'll start you off with 'Help Me Rhonda'. Got any more?

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Thanks to @nonethwiser1 & & @@cartajennacommander_onion on Peri we don't allow chat on - sexishttps://t.co/Pa7U3FHTZOm, racism and bullying aint my bag. If you want chat, watch the live stream weeknights from 10 on https://t.co/O6Sk9AC2nr
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- Pimple Popping
- Elon 'Pedo' Musk
- The Incredibles
- sexism
- who won out of James Taylor Vs Paul Simon
- can @StevenKBannon suck his own dick?

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