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Latest Scoops

Goosebumps 2 - movie of the year.
This time next week @FlippinKath and I will screen Fright Night (1985) in Kings Cross

We'll be doing a kind of mini Rabbit Hole before and we have an expert on the movie joining us. There's even a bar that will be open during the film! Only 15 seats left

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You know that deer that I rescued? Well. I saw him walk today. Couldn't be prouder. Thanks to Colin and Tim @TiggywinklesUK for the good work.

Oh, and I'm now a Vice-President!
Jump to 5 minutes 30. This is very silly and very very funny. The Julie Andrews Dirty Songbook.


@prodnose this'll raise a smile
This actually happened.

I used to host the drive time show on @LBC

I had Frank Sidebottom on as a guest.

On drive time.



- let's call Canada and see how stoned they are
- Mansize tissues
- finger sex
- dutch ovens

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Well this was absolutely bloody lovely.
Keen to show Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park at the next RHPS. Anyone know who I need to license it from?
Thrilled we have @MR_G_SMART at the Rabbit Hole Picture Show on October 27th. He made a fab documentary about Fright Night (1985) https://t.co/y31xACMQrQ and will be chatting to me and @FlippinKath after the movie. Tickets still only £8!

Get tix here https://t.co/GUmhmjACqt
I've got a feeling this Queen film is going to replace 'Hysteria - The Def Leppard Story' as my favourite rock group biopic.
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