Bloomberg 'meme strategy' sparks Facebook rule change -

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Fewer ships from China are docking in the U.S. because of the coronavirus outbreak — which hurts U.S. farmers who send exports on the ships' return trips. And perishables that do make it sometimes rot on the docks in China.

Secretary of State Pompeo accuses the governments of China and Iran of censoring information about the coronavirus outbreaks in their countries, saying “censorship” can have “deadly consequences.”

President Trump: "I think [Coronavirus] is a problem that's going to go away, but we lost almost a thousand points yesterday on the market and that's something you know -- things like that happen where and you have it in your business all the time -- had nothing to do with you."

Barnier: one of the keys, proofs of mutual respect, to be successful, is that anything already decided by the British, in particular the Irish protocol, has to be implemented.

You wouldn't expect to see something like this in your kitchen

Iran’s deputy health minister, who on Monday suggested that cases of coronavirus in the country were under control, has now tested positive for the illness

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Stocks begin turning lower after opening in the green

Nearly 60 injured, dozens hospitalized in German car-ramming attack on parade, police say motive still ‘unclear’ MORE:

Many smart, successful professionals pride themselves on their self-sufficiency — but at the same time long for a stronger professional network.