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#ARMY! We want to see your reaction videos to @BTS_twt's new album at midnight. Tweet us with your reaction + #iHeartBTS!
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LMAOOOOOOOOO RT @TheDiLLon1: Bruno Mars: Get me in a studio with Pusha T!

Manager: I didn’t realize you were ready to start recording songs for your new album.

Bruno: Songs?
43 minutes
Congrats on your new album @ShawnMendes !!!!!! 🎉
.@PUSHA_T has unveiled new merch with your favorite #Daytona lyrics

Check it out:

We don't want to see any more children go missing. If you or someone you know is thinking about running away from home, @RunawayHelpline can listen to your problems and help you decide what to do. It's free, confidential, and you can text if it's not possible to call. 116 000.
It's the anniversary of the first #StarWars movie being released AND #SoloAStarWarsStory is finally out in theaters! We want to know -- what's your favorite Star Wars movie and why? Tweet using #chatter and your answer might be on tonight's show!
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