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The 14 people who voted against Juneteenth clearly, objectively represent a radical extremist fringe within the GOP.

"This is a question of simply celebrating the end of slavery. Opposition to such a basic gesture isn’t a dog whistle — it’s a scream."

The press needs to be clearer about what this is. This is not partisan, debatable, or confusing. It is an objectively racist act by an extremist fringe within Congress.

And of course Charlie Kirk is out here being racist as well. I almost used the phrase "so-called public intellectual" to describe him, but I realized that was really too kind.

I am now 2/2 for getting on the Jumbotron at Nets playoffs games


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I don't want to talk about it. I love the Nets. Shout out to @KyrieIrving  @KDTrey5  and @JHarden13 . Great season.

Thanks for an amazing year Joe. Can't wait for what's next


The fact Politico gave prime real estate to Ben Shapiro the day after he claimed *everyone* has zip tie restraints at home in an attempt to minimize the Capitol riots and it all being sponsored by the oil and gas lobby tells you more about DC than any newsletter scoop could.

Took my dog for a long walk tonight and can report that Jared and Ivanka's next door neighbor has a "BIDEN 2020" sign prominently displayed on the front of their house.

Here's my video of the main moments the protesters in Lafayette Park across from the White House were dispersed last night. The law enforcement on scene included Secret Service and National Guard troops.

@AOC : "Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook bear partial responsibility for Wednesday's events. Period."

Just heard something very interesting. All I'll say for now is that I don't think Berman is the only prosecutor Trump and Barr need to worry about ... ? ? ?

Here's footage of pepper spray being shot directly at a live CNN camera on H Street by Lafayette Park moments ago.

I cant stop watching this.