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Latest Scoops

Today in Cover/Line I wrote about pink, a color used in politics for activism, crossing into the presidential campaign https://t.co/GyTEXsp99w
"Becoming" has the longest streak as Amazon's No. 1 bestseller of any book since "Fifty Shades of Grey." https://t.co/wD8dVrYKE1
Pelosi asks Trump in a letter to either reschedule the State of the Union until after the government has reopened, or deliver it in writing
InfoWars is arguing in the copyright lawsuit brought against them by Pepe creator Matt Furie that Pepe is derivative of an Argentinian cartoon https://t.co/GsRxOQC1Ij
Vladimir Putin couldn't be happier https://t.co/gm9OUzru3k
"As a concept, the song was meant to be an update to a succession of songs (“Please Mr. Postman,” “Dial My Heart”) that tied popular forms of communication with a love interest." https://t.co/GkPRr3UpSb
A museum in Israel is refusing to take down of "McJesus" sculpture of Ronald McDonald being crucified. "If we take the art down, the next day we'll have politicians demanding we take other things down." https://t.co/4FHvTmQwKl
Britney Spears made pop music safe for boys https://t.co/flHnOw5Rvd
The Killers have released a new song called "Land of the Free" that lead singer Brandon Flowers says he started putting together after Sandy Hook. https://t.co/lri6jsOJ4R
Today in Cover/Line, I wrote about Julián Castro campaign logo and about a poster of him made by Cruz Ortiz. https://t.co/gwWODWH9iR
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