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Hugh Hewitt

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Good Sunday morning. If you took yesterday off from politics, but are about to read the Sunday papers or watch Sunday shows, catch up with the case for re-electing @realDonaldTrump⁩  (which you aren’t likely to see much of in either print or on TV.)

What would a Democratic win for @JoeBiden,  Dem Senate and House mean? Hack, hack, pack, and tax: Hack up the filibuster. Pack the Senate with 4 senators from D.C. and Puerto Rico. Pack the Supreme Court. Raise taxes to astronomical levels. Pretty simple really. That's the choice.

Just now @HawleyMO  told me @WojVerticalNBA  should be immediately reinstated and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver subpoe @senjudiciaryaed  by to disclose NBA financial ties #FreeWOJ/  CCP.

From @EdMorrissey:  “Oh my: Strzok notes show no evidence of Team Trump-Russia contacts, doubts about Steele dossier -- in February 2017.” If you aren’t troubled by this, you are averting your eyes. A handful of people in Bureau (and perhaps IC) did this.

Now on the landing page. The reaction to this matter-of-fact listing of @realDonaldTrump⁩  achievements is very telling. Blue Check twitter hates when their narrative is disrupted,and @JoeBiden  partisans don’t even want facts presented fairly.

Stunning that @NancyPelosi⁩  and @chuckschumerre  attacking the unemployed and businesses state governments obliged to shutter. Voters won’t forget it was Democratic obstructionism. @JoeBidenoing  to force Democrats to table?

“Manifestly, at least some of the Circuit’s judges (I’d wager most of them) are disturbed by the degree to which Judge Sullivan has exhibited bias and become invested in Flynn’s case. This is exactly the problem on which Judge Luttig focused back in May.”