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We provide timely information on #humanrights crises in 90+ countries. Curated by @jimmurphysf, @astroehlein & @snorthfield45 Staff list https://t.co/wBw0SILvlQ

Latest Scoops

Eritrea-Ethiopia Peace Deal Offers Hope for Reform https://t.co/t1xCFb6hRX
Morocco: Journalist Convicted on Dubious Charge https://t.co/F3KZZugDsw
Knowledge is power and options are not optional. Tell @HHSGov that all women have the right to know about all of their pregnancy options! #NoGagRule https://t.co/xrHAH5OtJR
Indonesia: Pre-Asian Games Police Killing Spree https://t.co/ZPveMo4tqv
#Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi’s government should promptly address illegal land confiscations, compensate aggrieved farmers, and reform laws to protect people against future abuses. https://t.co/nvKZZVjUTE
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For 30 years, Myanmar's army has been seizing vast swathes of land with little or no compensation for the farmers. Those who dared to protest were prosecuted. https://t.co/nvKZZV2jv4
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The #ICC Treaty Turns 20 - Facebook Live discussion starting in 15 minutes! https://t.co/duP4dwHKeo
Don't stay silent. Submit your comment now! Say NO to Trump muzzling doctors. #NoGagRule https://t.co/bnXrPkwaqN
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