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We provide timely information on #humanrights crises in 90+ countries. Curated by @jimmurphysf, @astroehlein & @snorthfield45 Staff list https://t.co/wBw0SILvlQ

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Trump on Asylum Seekers: Hysterical, Shortsighted, Wrong https://t.co/ksTwgT4N4Q
UAE: Jailed British Academic Denied Rights https://t.co/pyBgQU8XDX
Top Human Rights Tweets of the Week https://t.co/vtx8ZBSEYO
Mass Arrests, ‘Brainwashing’ Threaten Ethiopia’s Reform Agenda https://t.co/i5RrkFyECt
Lebanon’s Waste Crisis Hits Home https://t.co/XjRF1G686t
Protecting Syrian Property Rights https://t.co/nND9DCrU4Y
#Ethiopia: Ensure Justice for Abuses in Jail Ogaden https://t.co/DVnJMQFGff
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In Indonesia, 12,800 people with mental health conditions are still held in chains by their loved ones, traditional healers & staff in institutions. It is time to help . Ac#BreakTheChainst now: https://t.co/Ulv5vbisek
“Fanta” lost her future, her friends, and, for a while, her family, when she got pregnant at 17. The man who got her pregnant was her teacher.

https://t.co/FXisxuJVWB by @Flip_Stewart
Female students in Senegal's schools sexually exploited by teachers https://t.co/nShVM5cJ3N via article via @CNNAfrica #ItsNotOk
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