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We provide timely information on #humanrights crises in 90+ countries. Curated by @jimmurphysf, @astroehlein & @snorthfield45 Staff list https://t.co/wBw0SILvlQ

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.@hrw investigation into the site of potential war crimes in Mosul, Iraq. Evidence subsequently burned to ashes.

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Protecting Environmental Defenders This Earth Day https://t.co/3Q7KtQOSLt
US Deporting More Long-Term Residents https://t.co/DlVAt6n0mp
Top human rights tweets of the past week https://t.co/GxJQ16gqE1
Trending rights tweets this week: US is on track to admit the fewest refugees in four decades; #NoLongerAlone; #TodosConVenezuela campaign; and more https://t.co/bVnoSOczOY
The latest analysis on Japan is a great example @StateDept, summary claims: “There were no reports of egregious human rights abuses.”
.'s 2018 World Report documents human rights issues in Japan you won’t read about in State's repohttps://t.co/ctIirdidPqrt:
Is the US going soft on its closest allies?

A State Department senior policy advisor suggested exactly that in a 2017 memohttps://t.co/IM5O1UDqPr #whatsmissingHRR2018:
Report does mention Nepal adopted criminal punishments for “the practice of “chhaupadi” (expelling women & girls from their homes during menstruation). Neglects to mention that women died in 2017 from the practice:
Women and girls in Bolivia face numerous obstacles to accessing reproductive health products, contraceptives, and services & at the same time have a high rate of maternal mortality. https://t.co/mOyHLhCeYp @StateDeptgives zero mention #reprorightsarehumanrights
Poland banned emergency contraception even in cases of rape. Yet th @StateDepte report doesn’t even mention it. Message to women denied access to reproductive healthcare: Your rights don’t matterhttps://t.co/uUi2jZOsXG #reprorightsarehumanrights #whatsmissingHRR2018

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