Natl / Trump ’S

Looks like #Barr  is going to be the designated lead enforcer across the entire federal government, including the active duty military, Natl guard, federal marshals, you name it. He seems to lust for the role #Trump ’s truncheon.

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Natl / Trump ’S

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@DaithidePaor14  @SimonJohnPalmerS @FairyP0ckmother  @Tweet_Decorry ? What? The question was whether Simon knows there is a fada on that word. He does. He said so. I don't see how any of what you've said above changes that.

I’m not assuming. I KNOW. That’s why he said “he couldn’t find the fada”.

He knows that. Why do you think he said he couldn’t find the fada?

Covid-19: Calls for gardaí to stop ‘shocking’ street drinking from publicans group

“The reality is consumers have been left in a no-man’s land and have seen their rights trampled over without any consideration”

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This is possibly one of the most upsetting pieces I’ve read in a while.

80 percent of the emperor colonies could be gone by 2100 if carbon emissions remain unchecked

I think I have a solution. If EFTA will let us pretend that EFTA stands for the English Free Trade Association then the Brexity people can claim victory and we can all get on with our lives.