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Global Editorial Director, Huffington Post Media Group. Analyst NBC/MSNBC. Author bestselling The Thirteen American Arguments. Email: fineman@huffingtonpost.com

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Nixon - NYU Sight & Sound Exercise 17 | Final viahttps://t.co/4OHlCdGe1G . T@YouTubehis is the best film ever on Richard ! It#Nixon’s by brilliant fil#NYUm student .#BenCooper
Inaugural committee? @realDonaldTrump was not involved. Cohen’s payoffs? Not involved. Contacts with #Russian oligarchs? Not involved. Manafort’s dealings? Not involved. Barrack’s dealings? Not involved. Trump Tower meeting? Not involved. Growing myriad investigations? Involved.
#Pelosi's triumph: House speaker-to-be, this time with memes (from @AP). Somebody’s wrong: either ⁦@TheDemocrats⁩, who, a bit warily, are warming to ⁦⁦her in the Wonder Woman role; or the ⁦@GOP⁩, which thinks she’ll forever be loathed. https://t.co/Bz8cAJurxt
#Kentucky's Trump-like governor (only worse), @MattBevin, goes ballistic at the news that storied @courierjournal of Louisville (where I was lucky to apprentice long ago), is partnering with Pulitzer-winning @ProPublica to investigate state agencies. What does he have to hide?
The news is dying, but journalism will not — and should not » Nieman Journalism Lab. Very interesting riff... https://t.co/LjUqJz46xE
This was utterly predictable. Phone companies have no clue about “content” — especially news. I hope that HuffPost, which I left a year ago, survives. Lots of good people there. Same with Yahoo News, which features my great former Newsweek colleagues. https://t.co/DF9SIKH79B
.@realDonaldTrump said he wanted to “give” @TeamPelosi votes to become Speaker. What was thinking? She’s already gotten the best of him — and under his skin. As a powerful woman (who could lead impeachment) she’ll force him to overreach even more. History of Trump and women? SAD.
Alleged Russian operative Butina to plead guilty, help prosecutors. REMEMBER: feds want to know whether the @NRA was a secret funnel of #Russian cash into ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩’s 2016 effort as “independent” spending. Potentially explosive, as it were. https://t.co/FMSDFLClMD
Not for ⁦@Capitals⁩ fans! Every Christmas our friend David Morehouse, president and CEO of the ⁦@penguins⁩, sends us a big tin of fantastic #PittsburghPopcornCompany popcorn. I’d like to save for watching Caps-Pens classic battles, but it’s always empty in a day....
Good #personoftheyear2018 choice by ⁦@TIME⁩ magazine. #journalism — solid, thoughtful, deep, brave, urgent, empathetic — is more essential than ever. Do we meet all criteria all the time? Certainly not. Do we need to aim there, and higher? Absolutely. Tyrants hate facts.
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