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Leading @twitter reaction to my previous tweet: suspicion that @realDonaldTrump or, more surely, #JaredKushner, knew of or green-lighted the hit on #JamalKhashoggi—if for no other reason than to assure their own lifetime access to #Saudi funds. Well, my patriot-readers are TOUGH.
#MBS just purged his intel and ops team, blaming them for #Khashoggi murder. They won’t be jailed at Ritz-Carlton; it may be bone saw time. In the U.S., the question is whether @realDonaldTrump has the guts or moral fiber to be a true world leader or just an enabler of brutality.
As you follow the murder of journo #Khashoggi, remember that a free press and free inquiry are the essence of our American Idea and of rational humanism. No “strongman” in the West since WWII has cultivated an atmosphere of contempt for those ideals the way @realDonaldTrump has.
We’ll talk #Midterms on @hardball with @HardballChris 7-8 pm tonight. #Dems are moving up in House and Gov races in the pivotal Midwest states @realDonaldTrump won in 2016. #GOP hanging on in Senate for now; could even see a net gain. It all presages even deeper division in DC.
Amazing, frighteningly hilarious glimpse inside the back room of the Bada Bing -- that is, @realDonaldTrump's Oval Office -- by @Olivianuzzi of @NYMag. Can't make it up.
#BrettKavanaugh speech was largely political: praised the Republicans (and Manchin) who pushed for him, his old friends, the DC “tight knit Catholic community, touted his regular guyness, with only a brief closing vow that he is not bitter, will be impartial and will seek unity.
I’m not a fan of mass-arrest protests in the halls of Congress. Politicians are always looking for ways to use security as an excuse to escape direct contact with voters. Hill leaders have been pushing the public (and press) out of congressional buildings inch-by-inch for years.
Doing @hardball with @HardballChris now on how #Kavanaugh controversy will affect November elections.
The @FedSoc, decades in the making, led by a group that includes #DonMcGahn, @SenateMajLdr and #BrettKavanaugh, is the most powerful legal force in the US since the civil rights era and a counter-revolution to it. Getting Kavanaugh, shrewd politician, on the court is the summit.
Time isn’t the only limit on the new #FBI #Kavanaugh probe: #DanMcGahn, WH counsel and longtime friend and ally of the judge, is overseeing it and keeping a tight rein; the other supervisor is #RodRosenstein, who oversees the #Russia probe and doesn’t need a 2nd war with #Trump.
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