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.@MayorRGiuliani says obstruction case will come down to a swearing match betwee@JamesComeyFBIn an@realDonaldTrumpd . That’s the way Rudy wants to frame it; but i#Muellerf goes that route, there will be dozens of incidents and incidents for Congress to deal with in impeachment.
My friend and colleague @chucktodd at the Moment of Truth with @MayorRGiuliani. Hard to tell of Chuck is trying to show that he’s laughing or crying — which is one reason why he’s the best political reporter, host and anchor on tv.
.@MayorRGiuliani this morning: “Truth isn’t truth.” That pretty much sums up where we are in the Age o@realDonaldTrumpf — and the threat we face as what Lincoln called the last best hope of mankind. Justice and law are meaningless if truth is merely the instrument of power.
Pirates hit into 7 double plays in another 1-0 loss to Cubs. Sadly, these are my ⁦@Pirates⁩. They’re going to need an even smaller ballpark.

(Via TribLive) https://t.co/QoCre1jrrz
.@realDonaldTrump is lucky. If the United States were the kind of country he’s trying to turn us into, there already would have been a military coup. The Constitution and rule of law — for which he has nothing but contempt — are protecting HIM!
I’ll be reporting on #Manafort trial tonight on @TheBeatWithAri with...@AriMelber. Everybody’s got it wrong. The trial isn’t “really about @realDonaldTrump.” It’s really about #RobertMueller. A sweeping conviction would crucially amplify his Wyatt Earp prosecutorial reputation.
This is going to be delayed until...never. https://t.co/WeuWQwvaWR
.@steelers v @packers: Ju Ju just beat Ha Ha for a TD.
How ‘bout if billionaire ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ pays for this? We all love parades and our dedicated people in uniform, but the Pentagon didn’t want this and we could use the money for, say, training or neutralizing that new #Russian predator satellite? https://t.co/kZsgIykiLP
Architect of bin Laden raid issues stunning rebuke of Trump
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