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Just because @realDonaldTrump  is guilty doesn’t mean all #Republicans  “process” complaints are invalid. But #Trump  has undercut their case by total stonewalling, and by bullying them into trying any and all ways to blowup the investigation. THEY are the true enemies of process.

Top #AP  photos of #2019  range from the epic to the intimate (from @AP ). This is a fabulous, generous set of pics of the world, its varied cultures and major moments of the year. There’s a reason why professional photogs get paid for their work.

@senatemajldr ’s goal in the impeachment “trial,” is to get re-elected in #KY , where, unlike @realDonaldTrump  (who won the state by 30 points), he is not popular as a politician and deeply disliked as a person. That’s why he’s bragging about how he’ll let the WH run the “trial.”

In his desperation to publicly embrace @realDonaldTrump , @senatemajldr  has destroyed his role as an #impeachment  trial juror and ruined his claim (not that it was ever realistic) to be viewed by history as a grand steward of the #Senate  as an institution. He and #Reid  ruined it.

#Democrats in the #Senate  should demand that @senatemajldr  be removed from the trial proceedings for openly pledging to coordinate with the accused.

. @senatemajldr ⁩ brags that, since childhood, he’s always stood up to bullies. But in the defining moment, he just caved to mega-bully #Trump  — and made the mistake of a lifetime in exchange for the chance to suck up to him on @seanhannity ⁩.

Will #ChiefJusticeJohn Roberts have to rule on @senatemajldr ’s pledge to be the defendant’s tool? I can imagine Roberts concluding that #impeachment  is a “political process,” so, so what? But then why did the Framers call it a “trial,” describe it as such and have a judge run it?

FYI: #WHCounsel  #Pat Cipollone is from Northern Kentucky, is a major player in conservative and anti-abortion circles nationally and has political clout of his own in the state. Mitch is still viewed with suspicion by #Trump  types. He knows it. He won’t dare mess with Cipollone.

Precinct closures decrease Election Day turnout in Georgia — AJC. This kind of thing will be a huge story on Election Day in #2020 , and the feds will have a vastly diminished supervisory role, which has been a top @GOP  goal for decades.


Further: WH called the top and officials #PAone  #Pittsburght  a time and lied to each that the others had agreed. WH did the same to and . No one b #Schumert . W #Pelosi  also trying to push into hospital #Trumpooms  of victims but most want no part of him.

Very solid #Dem  House leadership source just confirmed to me that @NancyPelosi  will announce a formal impeachment inquiry this afternoon and imply that she herself favors impeachment of . @realDonaldTrump 

I've watched unfairly bracketed w/ accused serial sexual predators. He & I've been family friends for decades. As a comic, he could be crude. He went too far (& apologized). BUT: he's NOT predatory, adores his wife & family & is a lifelong champion of women's rights.

My twitter feed is asking a legitimate question: are @realDonaldTrump ’s businesses and family profiting from insider knowledge of his pending — market-moving — tweets, comments and bargaining stands? My guess would be yes. The real questions are: who is doing it for him and how?

Historians who’ve studied the impeachment of #AndrewJohnson  say the real charge against him was not so much a particular high crime or misdemeanor as it was his foul, hate-filled ignorance and overall bad character. He was too putrid for the presidency. So there’s a precedent.

Just checked with sources in #Pittsburgh : the mayor, county executive and governor will NOT accompany or meet with as he and Melania visit the city as families bury their dead after the massacre. The #TreeofLifeH  tried to force officials hand with false leaks.

The Beltway take on #Barr  is that he’s a good man corrupted by proximity to . Actually, he’s always been a ruthless, intellectually dishonest shill for untrammeled presidential and corporate power, made to look decent by a light dusting of Poppy Bush Family ties.

@realDonaldTrump  just told #LindseyGraham  to his face at the rally that he — the senator — would be nowhere politically in South Carolina had he not decided to kiss the president’s butt.

I interviewed for a few years ago. He struck me as annoyingly self-impressed and self-aggrandizing. Selling oceans of coffee mainly qualifies him to...sell more coffee. As ego-mad CEOs go, he’s better than , but that’s very faint praise.

We’ve got to assume that #Putin  has tons of hidden financial, political and other information on ., ranging from the merely interesting to the explosively damaging. I’ve covered many presidents; never has one been so PERSONALLY vulnerable to another world leader.