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Latest Scoops

McDavid sets up Draisaitl for OT winner as Oilers edge Bruins. https://t.co/ZGcDwRdI5e
Power-play goals from Laine, Little lift Jets past Canucks https://t.co/AofBgcz8ov
Leafs' offence fizzles as Crosby's Penguins show defence is a winning strategy https://t.co/aE5yeJ0e8X
Sidney Crosby weighed in on the #McDavid vs. #Matthews debate and he's Team McDavid. Do you agree? 🤔

MORE: https://t.co/lmhxHXUzUu
Leafs goalie Andersen back in net for showdown with Crosby's Penguins https://t.co/0ZTGjB1hlZ
Listen as @robpizzo and Don Koharski look back on the infamous 'donut incident' from 30 years ago🍩 Download the latest episode of the Hockey Night in Canada podcast now https://t.co/RU9yV0b6gz
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Sidney Crosby thinks Connor McDavid is the best player in the NHL https://t.co/3OPsnqHQmp
Canada's Sports Hall of Fame officially induct 2018 class, including Hockey Hall of Famer Dave Keon.
'This team has its future and its best hockey ahead:' Cliff Fletcher says Leafs are built to last https://t.co/wr5FOBEzJs
Frolik scores pair as Flames roll over Bruins. https://t.co/QbxLKo3LFA
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