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This is real cool. Would really like you to check out this challenge on my site:


@LittleMix at the #BRITs
Vampires 🧛🏻‍♂️, werewolves 🐺, and warlocks 🧙🏻‍♂️ - oh my!

Don't miss an exclusive LIVE interview with the supernatural men of #Shadowhunters! Join @DomSherwood1, @HarryShumJr, @isaiahmustafa & @arosende to get all the Downworlder scoop on the final season! 🔥
We just can’t thank you enough. We bang on about how amazing you are but we really do have the best fans in the world!
We really did just go and win Best British Video ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
So grateful we get to do what we love with each other and celebrate in ways like this!
the girls x
.@weareoneexo's Suho is emerging as a style star in his own right.
SHUT UP!! WE JUST WON BEST BRITISH VIDEO @brits!! You guys are absolutely incredible, this is ALL YOU and we are so unbelievably grateful 😭♥️♥️
the girls x
BREAKING: Jussie Smollett officially a suspect for filing false police report: police
#iKON x Samsung #GalaxyS10 Launch Event at Singapore

Hello Singapore,
iKON has come to Singapore all the way from South Korea in order to meet the brand new Samsung Galaxy S10!

#TeamGalaxy #SamsungSG #dontmissout #specialgift #guesswho #iKONIKIK
Mac Miller and Madlib may have recorded an album together

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I may sound like a broken record, but I'm a believer @TheMonkees belong in @rock_hall -- not out of sympathy, but out of honesty. "For Pete's Sake" -- a song#PeterTork co-wrote -- let's honor this group that's honored us with lifetimes of music & joy.
Sixers Fans Will Really Like the Nike Speed Turf Max Colorway Dropping This Weekend
Schools would be required to offer free feminine hygiene products with new Tennessee bill

Would you be in support of this bill?
1) YES
2) NO
I'm truly heartbroken to read about your darling Violet, I've signed your petition @GlennYouens!

Please check out and sign this petition about increasing sentences for causing death by dangerous driving ------------------>
What would you do if the world ended? Our Videogames exhibition features this hypertext games that explores what would you do with your last 10 seconds on earth with the person you love. Play online here:

Videogames: #DesignPlayDisrupt closes 24 Feb.
Do you think Megan Barton-Hanson and this islander would be a good match? 👀
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#AStarIsBorn ...on The Sopranos? Check out@ladygaga 's cameo from the popular series, as well as other roles you totally forgot this year's#OscarNoms have played:
I’ve been vocal about this situation & my love for Jussie & his entire family. I will continue to hope for the best for everyone involved as things continue to unfold. And I, like all of you, will watch them unfold. But believing victims is always the right choice. Always. ❤️
Blogs on hypem etc dont look for music anymore they just check their email - industry is totally intermediary based. Dark days of curation and discovery - you are on your own - challenge the industry - tell everyone about the music you like
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