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Oh you’d be absolutely perfect for this challenge to illustrate quotes re: creativity — https://t.co/fXopRZH0M1
Getting started writing is one of the hardest parts of the entire process.

That's why we release a new (and easy) prompt each week for anyone interested in writing.

Newest one is here: https://t.co/3hO39To66T #WeeklyWritingChallenge
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I gotta jet for now, but thanks so much to you all for tweeting all your illustrations. Checked a bunch of 'em out and tweeted a bunch of challenge links... but a good place to always look for good challenges o @hitRECordn is herhttps://t.co/HvrElRtkh4eL

Alright, adiosss
This is real cool. Would really like you to check out this challenge on my site: https://t.co/OS5tRREtuK
@_danibeann So good! Wow. Would love for you to check out this challenge on the site, as I bet it's perfect for your style:https://t.co/Qi84N04pd7
These patterns are excellent — I bet you'd be good at doing these zen drawings: https://t.co/IvwgGja7LK
@olimamberti Your character illustration work is wonderful. Love it. This may be a fun challenge for you to interpret a pre-existing character and remix it in your style:https://t.co/uJQ9IuRBce
@Jackie_ofTrades Exceptional! Wow, you're super talented. Here's a challenge for portraits. I think you'd be great for it:https://t.co/ireAb8u9RD
Gonna sit here on twitter for a little bit, specifically waiting to hear from ILLUSTRATORS (or really anyone who likes to draw.)

Tweet me something you've drawn and I'll reply to some of you trying to match you with a creative opportunity on my site that I think you'll like.
What's the first thing you'd go and buy after a bad break-up?

(answer here, please: https://t.co/fYSfSAKMeC)
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