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Latest Scoops

Waking up early: a haiku

(psst... you can get this book here: https://t.co/GEK4nC5C8M)
This graph immediately hooked me.

I read the whole thing without even meaning to.


Need new winter socks?

Get some fox socks here: https://t.co/KlddgAn8NA 🦊🧦
Looking for delightfully twisted titles for books that would never exist: https://t.co/5Tl9GObcpR
This painting on @hitRECord makes me feel good.. https://t.co/PpdJQaulW4
Brando in “Apocalypse Now”

Probably my favorite performance of his. He’s so damn good as Kurtz.

Even when it’s just his voice on the tape recorder, describing his dream about the snail on a razor. Amazing.
Only 6 of these beautiful books left in the world.

Order right now (not later) and you'll get a *free vinyl* — https://t.co/p5iweusBNu
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