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Hilary Rosen

Democrat on CNN. TimesUp Legal Defense Fund co-founder, mom with opinions - interested in yours. An optimist. Love music. @SKDKnick https://t.co/dd8x98sHho

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“You have a perfectly good answer in Obamacare right in front of you, and instead you’re going to make another one up,” said one Republican. “It’s purely ideological.” “How #Trump  surprised everyone by ruling out Obamacare” via @politico 

If @ChrisCuomo  ever looked at his Twitter I would be sending him a lot of love and wishing him a speedy recovery. Maybe he will just to get some socially distant affection. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

When @drsanjaygupta ⁩ says to ⁦@ChrisCuomo⁩ “you don’t look so good brother” Chris(says w a smirk): “That’s cause I have #coronavirus “. Thanks Chris for showing up tonight. You are helping others with your resolve.

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I’m with Lucky on this one. “Are they crazy? That’s crazy,” she said. “I am not dying for anyone.” Fox’s Fake News Contagion via @karaswisher 

Bring small joy to someone everyday and you will get it back 10fold ❤️

Ive never been more proud to be at @CNN . This network has humanized thepandemic like no other. @ErinBurnett ⁩ @ChrisCuomo ⁩ @BrookeBCNN ⁩ @jaketapper ⁩ #AlysinCamerota ⁩ @donlemon ⁩ @drsanjaygupta ⁩ &many others

I woke up angry today. Can’t shake the fury that if our president had acted better - earlier - we wouldn’t be in this position now. Maybe it’s just my naïveté that’s regressing. Of course he was/is incapable of acting any different #coronavirusweekend 


Umm does anyone remember that @BernieSanders  called @HillaryClinton  corrupt, unqualified, an illegitimate winner of the primary and then let his supporters try to ruin her nominating convention? Cause I do.

. @BernieSanders ⁩, if you want to lead this country back to a more decent place, you should prove you can lead your own supporters first.

All the nice people buying red hats and sending $10 by mail to the #Trump  campaign thinking they are making America great are actually paying millionaire #Jared ’s legal bills. ⁦⁩

This isn’t @BernieSanders  It’s a Russian bot sowing discord.

The irony is that @BernieSanders  insisted on the rules changes for the #IowaCaucuses  that is screwing up the results tonight. If he hadn’t, he might be declaring a huge victory right now.

It is kind of annoying that so many reporters, after talking with @HillaryClinton  comment on how nice and funny she is. Like, “oops I helped turn her into a caricature in 2016 but now she’s changed.” She hasn’t changed, you have.

wow. Protesters outside of CNN’s headquarters upset a/b the smearing of Mike Brown. #Ferguson 

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Love this! Donald Duck will follow the @GOP  nominee around the country until #Trump  releases his tax returns...

The #inauguration  speech was angry. It felt like a set up for a declaration of war. But I am not sure who he is declaring war against.

@ananavarro  wipes up on @CNNTonight  because she actually cares. Politics isn't a game. Dignity and lives are at stake. #NeverTrump