Dame / Shaq

Big news: Dame says he recorded a song with Shaq that will be released on a new mixtape soon.

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Dame / Shaq

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Ontario is extending its emergency orders for another 10 days.

7:58pm CDT #SPC  Day1 Outlook Moderate Risk: for western parts of south dakota this evening

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On Monday, after St. John’s Church burned in the protest, Mayor Bowser toured the damage in a basement nursery. Wearing a facemask, she stepped gingerly on a wooden plank to view the charred walls and flooded floor. That evening Trump had a photo-op there but did not go inside.

Scene in DC instructive. Demonstrations were peaceful. Police and secret service and Guard pulled way back, which suggests their heavy-handed presence earlier in the week may have escalated confrontations, rather than de-escalated. Feel today: mix of protest and civil discourse.

Minneapolis police union president: “I’ve been involved in three shootings myself, and not a one of them has bothered me.” by , @ryangrim  @aidachavez_ 

Rep. @Ocasio2018 : "We just found out today that the New York City Police Benevolent Association is now going to try to unseat me from Congress."

@chrislhayes  on New York police "descending violently on peaceful protesters": "The mayor of New York City and the governor of New York state went before reporters to gaslight the public, all of us, into believing that we did not see what we all saw.”

On her Instagram, Patch compiles what she calls 'unconstitutional, contentious, draconian provisions' of the bill.