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The historic Glasgow family food and drink wholesaler is moving to a new distribution centre

Union workers go on strike for better pay.

"How Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng failed not to appreciate this is sheer incompetence."

ScottishPower 'disappointed' at new protests over 'unfettered profiteering' in cost of living crisis

Should music become a formal part of dementia therapy?

A reader writes: "The First Minister and her Finance Secretary should not throw stones from their glass houses and their hypocrisy is staggering" What do you think?

"London media pundits posted some pathetic commentary about local radio giving soft soap interviews. Truss should be so lucky, she was comprehensively drubbed."

Campaigners and trade unionists will stage a major protest outside Scottish Power this afternoon

The Scottish Association of Landlords chief executive John Blackwood claimed a growing housing crisis is not being taken “seriously enough”


Michael Gove has called on the Scottish Government to publish an "itemised list" of how it has spent money it was given to prepare for Brexit.

Abortion has been decriminalised in Northern Ireland after a landmark law change came into force at midnight. The legal reforms voted in at Westminster have also paved the way for the introduction of same-sex marriages

We are aware of an offensive tweet by one of our freelance contributors, Iain Macwhirter. Although the tweet has since been deleted and an apology issued, we have also suspended his columns while we investigate further.

A failed UKIP candidate who has appeared in the BBC's Question Time audience four times has claimed he did not apply but was invited on to the show

A video showed the First Minister appearing to flout face covering rules.

'Embarrassing' blunder as Nicola Sturgeon's independence prospectus cover featured an English wind farm

The SNP has refused to say what it knew about a sexual misconduct allegation against one of the party’s rising stars

"The EU will stand back from Scotland’s constitutional choice. But if it chooses independence, the path back to the EU will be open for Scotland"