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⚠️ Warning to Scots - scammers are posing as parcel delivery companies

There are reports that independence is back on the agenda at September's SNP conference

✍️ "What a deeply unpleasant and vindictive organisation the SNP has become." | @kmckenna63 

The new bridge will form an active travel route between Sighthill and the city centre

Activists with first-hand experience of the devastating global impacts of the climate crisis could be shut out of the COP26 conference in Glasgow | Exclusive via @bridnewsdavid 

Scots have been reminded that these creatures are protected animals, and it is a criminal offence to deliberately disturb them

Several people reportedly pointed out the foolishness of calling the operation after a fat, posh English public schoolboy

Over one in three Scots are being put off switching from petrol to electric vehicles by the upfront costs


BREAKING: The Scottish Government has ditched plans to publish an annual “economic case for independence”, it has emerged

"Celtic won 12 consecutive, domestic trophies – the last just before Christmas – without the need to call in police in riot gear. This is a Rangers problem."

EXCLUSIVE: Shadow Secretary Ian Murray accepted £5000 from a Tory donor as part of his ill-fated campaign to become deputy leader of UK Labour, it has emerged.

Will you be tuning in to GB News when it launches this month?

A council boss has instructed senior officers to 'find a way' to force Dominic Cummings to pay a sum of up to £30,000 in backdated council tax.

The SNP is calling for all of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s emails, texts, and call records to be made available for scrutiny.