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Sterling stayed on his feet when fouled by Jota. Should have been a free kick to #mcfc  just outside area. Sterling eventually lost his balance, move petered out, and he was effectively punished for his honesty. Refereeing like this is why players are tempted to go down. #MCILIV 

Thanks for the replies and advice. Should have made it top 10 greatest English sportsmen (no particular order): Bobby Charlton, Lewis Hamilton, Steve Redgrave, Jimmy Anderson, Jonny Wilkinson, Seb Coe, Daley Thompson, Nick Faldo, Ian Botham, Mo Farah.

Clear and obvious is dead and buried. It is no more. It is now all about pedants at Stockley Park looking for anything in slow motion. VAR good if used as a safety net just to catch shockers. Why not let the game flow, use VAR judiciously & invest more in developing better refs?

Devastating news about Gerard Houllier. Fine coach and manager but above all a wonderful, very caring person, the best company, could talk for hours about anything, football, travel, family, politics, anything. Deepest condolences to Gerard’s family and his many friends. RIP.

Thiago's passing gives #lfc  another dimension. Couldn't ultimately force a breakthrough against resilient #nufc  but his vision and precision been missed. Out injured since Oct 17, made welcome return and lost little time in trying to pass and pass his way through. #NEWLIV 

Aston Villa confirm #FACup  tie with Liverpool is on tonight. Good luck to those making their debuts.

Spurs have some exceptional players, Kane, Son etc, and should be sweeping teams away. Mourinho's cautious midfield and mindset, sitting off when ahead, getting Kane to drop off, can work at times but Spurs would be higher up the table if Mourinho released the handbrake. #thfc 

Rishi Sunak thanks “the beautiful game” as @EFL ⁩ @EFLTrustTrust ⁩ clubs join Kickstart scheme and offer 500 jobs to young unemployed people. Report.


£14.95 to watch a game on pay per view is disgraceful. £5, ok, but £14.95? It's disgusting. At a time when PL clubs spent £1.2bn on players. When they'll give agents £200m. When so many families are struggling. The creed of greed is in @premierleague  DNA but this truly stinks.

Furloughing? Expected better from Liverpool. Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme designed to help smaller, vulnerable businesses weather the storm not give wealthy clubs taxpayers’ money needed elsewhere. Good that staff getting full wages but furloughing feels against LFC’s values.

If Marcus Rashford did just “stick to football”, as some small-minded people currently tell him, then there would be countless kids in this country going hungry. Rashford’s an exceptional footballer, dedicated to his profession, and also a 22-year-old with a social conscience. 🙌

David Dein invited 9 of us correspondents into Highbury board-room to meet #Wenger  in 96. Arsene spoke for 50 mins, and we were spellbound by his attacking philosophy, belief in nutrition (broccoli!) & obsession with #afc  as a community club. A visionary had arrived. 1/10

Raheem Sterling’s powerful, thoughtful Instagram post (sterling7) linking incident at the Bridge with certain media reporting of young black players ...

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Rashford was carrying a single stress fracture in his back, now has a double stress fracture after Wolves game. Expected to be out for 2-3 months. Also has piece of floating bone in his ankle requiring non-intrusive surgery to remove. Been playing thru immense pain to help #mufc 

And that’s why #lfc  will be worthy champions. No asterisk. No quibbles. Just supreme work ethic, mindset, athleticism. Just pressing, switching play, interchanging. Just relentless. Belief in each other, belief in the manager. One of the finest teams of the modern era. #LIVCRY 

Elite clubs going cap in hand to Government for reimbursements for non-playing staff placed on furlough is a bad look for the game when there's money at the elite end to cover it, when players could defer wages and there's more pressing need for the state's money elsewhere.