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#Atalanta so good to watch. So positive. And now leading #AtalantaPSG  (without stray emoji).

I thought I was covering England in Russia 😂 enjoy the match.

Mbappe superb. Far from fully fit but pace, vision and cross brilliant for #PSG  winner. Gut-wrenching for #Atalanta  who’ve been a joy this season but how do you stop a £162m talent like Mbappe with that sort of control and running? Still only 21.

#PSG answered those pre-match questions about their resilience. They had talent from the bench, expensive talent, but that determination to recover, that will to win imbued the whole side. Neymar gets stick but he never stopped showing and running here. #ATAPSG 

Welcome back to the Premier League, Leeds United. First fixture: Liverpool at Anfield. #lufc  #lfc 

Harry Maguire needs to issue swiftly a statement of contrition, regardless of any appeal. The quicker the proper apology, the sooner the rehabilitation begins (though it will take a while). Sad, embarrassing story.

“I remember the sound of my mum crying herself to sleep, having worked a 14-hour shift, unsure how she was going to make ends meet. Thankfully I had the talent to kick a ball about to pull us out of that situation. Many can’t find that way out.” They need help, Rashford urges MPs

Timely statement of genuine contrition from Phil Foden. He's been foolish, as he acknowledges.

Southgate has taken #eng  forward over the past four years but playing the wrong system and players out of position was a step back. Return to 4-3-3 please. Report from Copenhagen #eng 

4-3 final. Salah superb, so sharp. Hat-trick, inc two nerveless pens. Rescued #lfc  unconvincing defence. #lufc  box-to-box office; never stopped pressing, running and believing. Klich, Harrison excellent. Leeds going to be fun to watch this season. #LIVLEE 


Furloughing? Expected better from Liverpool. Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme designed to help smaller, vulnerable businesses weather the storm not give wealthy clubs taxpayers’ money needed elsewhere. Good that staff getting full wages but furloughing feels against LFC’s values.

And that’s why #lfc  will be worthy champions. No asterisk. No quibbles. Just supreme work ethic, mindset, athleticism. Just pressing, switching play, interchanging. Just relentless. Belief in each other, belief in the manager. One of the finest teams of the modern era. #LIVCRY 

Rashford was carrying a single stress fracture in his back, now has a double stress fracture after Wolves game. Expected to be out for 2-3 months. Also has piece of floating bone in his ankle requiring non-intrusive surgery to remove. Been playing thru immense pain to help #mufc 

Elite clubs going cap in hand to Government for reimbursements for non-playing staff placed on furlough is a bad look for the game when there's money at the elite end to cover it, when players could defer wages and there's more pressing need for the state's money elsewhere.

David Dein invited 9 of us correspondents into Highbury board-room to meet #Wenger  in 96. Arsene spoke for 50 mins, and we were spellbound by his attacking philosophy, belief in nutrition (broccoli!) & obsession with #afc  as a community club. A visionary had arrived. 1/10

Raheem Sterling’s powerful, thoughtful Instagram post (sterling7) linking incident at the Bridge with certain media reporting of young black players ...

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A European super league with no relegation for its 11 founding members would have no sporting integrity for a start, let alone the sheer greed and arrogance of the idea. That’s a private members’ club not a proper competition. No risk, no drama, no credibility. No thanks.

Liverpool fans booed the name of Raheem Sterling when teams announced. Manchester City fans booed “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Liverpool fans booed “Blue Moon”. Liverpool fans booed the National Anthem. Football’s back.