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When you’re in difficult times, more than ever, you need to look for opportunities to do good. When your dream seems impossible, find somebody that you can help make their dream come to pass.

It Takes One To Know One: The Cheesy Vegan via TheOrganicView #recipe 

None of #nature 's landscapes are ugly so long as they are wild. John Muir bees

Together the two Italians revitalised an American genre and created some of the most recognisable moments in post-war cinema

KEEP HOPE ALIVE w/REV. JESSE JACKSON Radio Show|SUN: 7-9aC/8-10aE|866.594.HOPE/4673 #FacebookLive : #ReverendJesseJacksonSr  #iHeartRadio : @PatriotAM1150  @RealTalk910  #SCOTUS  upholds #NativeAmerican  treaty promises, orders #Oklahoma  to follow federal law

You can still explore #WOWGlobal24 's WOW Marketplace. All the UK entries were chosen by @JanetsList , a curated platform that helps people discover and buy from independent brands by Black women and women of colour from the UK. Check it out here

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Better eat him before he melts. 😋 Our Christmas in July marathon continues today at 10am!