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Congratulations to who are the first Korean band to perform at Wembley Stadium - and they sold it out in 90 minutes! 👑 We stan 7 kings! https: #BTSxWembley /t.co/Rs1KnkoHH8

Sorry what's that? Ed Sheeran working with @bts_twt ?! *CUE FREAK OUT*

BTSxHalsey is officially happening and we're obsessed! Last year told our reporter how much she wanted to work with , and how much they inspire her 💜 #BoyWithLove 

ARMY's get ready, because @thegreatkhalid  says a collab with @BTS_twt  could literally drop at any point 😱💜 *bulk buys tissues in preparation*

'I miss them in my heart' Don't mind us, we're just crying over @halsey  and @BTS_twt 's perfect friendship (and collab skills) 💜

Are you going to try and get ticket #SPEAK_YOURSELF  on Friday? Here's 9 reasons you DEFINITELY need to see them live! 💜

Find someone who talks about you the way @JohnCena  talks about @BTS_twt  #Bumblebee 

screaming that @LiamPayne 's bias is jimin @bts_twt  *takes deep breathes in and out*